Caring for Countertops


Apartments are getting pretty spiffy these days and even student housing frequently has some variety of stone countertops. Which is great! Thank you to those who are making good design choices for those on a potentially limited budget. But it begs the question, how do you take care of these nice counters?

If you have granite countertops that are properly sealed (you can check this by dripping water on them and checking to see if it quickly beads up and doesn’t soak into the counter) they actually require little maintenance. Granite is a very hard stone, primarily made up of quartz, which is hard enough to scratch glass. So thankfully it’s a durable surface for you to work on in your kitchen. To keep your granite counters in spiffy condition, use a mild detergent or soap and water to clean them and wipe down with a microfiber cloth. If you use harsh cleaners it will eventually harm the sealant on top of your counters, so steer clear of bleach and ammonia. There are special granite cleaners which work well, but they’re truly not a necessity.

If you have beautiful marble countertops, they are not such a breeze to take care of. Marble is porous in nature and is a metamorphic rock, mostly limestone, dolomite, or calcite. Keeping marble clean is very important if you’re in charge of it – puddles of anything acidic can harm the surface. Like granite, using a mild soapy water to clean will do the trick. Never use acidic cleaners or anything bleach based. There are additional products which can help you keep marble in tip-top shape, such as a monthly sealant and marble polishing powder.