Budget Prep Before You Start Your First Apartment Search

Is the time nearing that you will be thinking about renting your first apartment? Is it time to leave the dorm, or are you getting ready to graduate, or do you just want to move out on your own and you feel you are ready to rent your first apartment.

The first thing you need to think about is your budget for an apartment. You can print the Monthly Budget Worksheet from our Moving Information Page https://www.gainesville-rent.com/web/movingInfoPage/15 and start your journey into finding your first apartment.

There are several budget questions you will need to answer as you do your worksheet and tour apartments.  https://www.gainesville-rent.com/web/movingInfoPage/14

  1. What is the monthly rent?
  2. What is included in the rent – electricity, water, gas, internet, cable?
  3. What is not included in the rent and what those cost will be?
  4. What are the Pet Policies if you have a pet or want one in the future?
  5. Will you need Renter’s Insurance?
  6. What will your transportation cost be?
  7. How much money will you need for a meal plan or groceries?
  8. Will there be any extra money for entertainment?
  9. What can you budget for personal management?
  10. Can you budget a little for savings for any emergencies that arise?

When you finish with your budget planning you will be better prepared to start your search for the best apartment for you.