Rid your bed of bed bugs

Moving into a new apartment/home is supposed to be an exciting experience, but in the process of getting into a new place you may come across some… unexpected and uninvited guests: bed bugs. Here are a few ways that bed bugs can get into your apartment/home and what to do to get rid of them if they do.


When moving into a new place, one of the first places that you may want to check is your bedroom. Check out the mattress for blood stains and the telltale sign of rust or dark colored spots along your bed frame and box springs. Bed bugs can also hide in sofas and couches so check in-between the cushions as well. Before moving any of your items into the apartment/home, do a deep cleaning and if you do see any possible signs of bed bugs, tell your landlord or call an exterminator to check it out.

Already moved in

Bed bugs are not just pests that can be in new places, bed bugs can find their way into your apartment/home even if you are already moved in and have been living in your apartment/home for a while. Be sure to regularly wash your bed sheets and don’t stop there. Be sure to clean your mattress every six months and vacuum the top of your mattress to get rid of regular debris as well.

Coming home from travels

This is one of the most common ways that bed bugs can make their way into our home. When coming home from a trip, be sure not to unpack in your bedroom. Wash all of your clothes immediately in the hottest setting to kill off any potential bed bugs and thoroughly vacuum all of your luggage.

Already have an infestation

-Remove all of your bedding, sheets, and linens and wash them in the hottest setting possible.

-Use a stiff brush to scrub your mattress of the bedbugs and their eggs and then vacuum the bed, the floor around the bed, and the bed frame, headboard, etc. Be sure to take the vacuum bag, secure it tightly in a plastic bag and leave it out in the sun for the day to kill the bugs it catches.

-Buy tightly woven and zippered bed covers to cover your mattress and box springs in to suffocate bed bugs. Be sure to leave the covers on for at least a year, bed bugs can live that long without feeding.

Now you can be sure to really not let those bed bugs bite!


Check with a local exterminator too for expert advice.