The Future is Now – Automating Your Apartment


You might think that home automation is only for those who own their own homes and not for renters. However, there are surprisingly a number of options for renters who want to upgrade their apartments with newer technologies that can be controlled remotely. Better yet, it can be done without sacrificing your security deposit!

Lighting is one of the easiest things to automate. Companies like GE make smart bulbs, which are like regular light bulbs, but are programmable with an app on your phone. They are more expensive than normal bulbs, but the great thing is they are installed and removed as easily as regular light bulbs and don’t need to be installed like another piece of light regulating equipment might. Smart bulbs can be changed remotely at the touch of a button or they can be programmed to turn on, off, or dim at certain times of day. Another great perk is they can be set to turn on when your smartphone is in range when you get home and off when you leave the range and the house.

Another aspect of apartment living made easy through remote technology is security. If you’re going on vacation or if you simply want to be able to keep an eye on your apartment, you may want to try out Nest Cam. The Nest Cam can be set to alert you if there’s motion or activity in your apartment while you’re not at home. The Nest Cam takes video at a wide angle, so you can place it in a room and have visual access to what’s happening there. One of the really neat things about it is you can listen in and even speak into your phone microphone to have your voice transmitted through to whomever may be listening (“get off the sofa, Sparky!”).

It’s amazing what we’re able to do with our smartphones, which seem to always be by our sides these days. So take advantage of these capabilities, which can save you time, energy, and even possibly money on your day to day activities at home.