Make a Generic Apartment Uniquely Yours

It may be the simple staple pieces from Target and IKEA that keep my apartment in running order, but when it comes to decoration I like to stray from the ordinary. Especially if it’s your first apartment, you may feel like you have to go to HomeGoods for everything you need to make your apartment feel like home. But if you truly want your place to reflect your own personal style, you may want to try some alternative methods to picking and choosing from the mass-produced collection of stuff at a chain store. Also, know that putting together a unique looking space doesn’t mean it’s expensive or difficult to do.

Pick a theme – This part isn’t absolutely necessary, but it makes things easier if you’re struggling with how to throw things together. Maybe mid-century mod is your jam (think Mad Men) or possibly you’re really into the Great Gatsby and love everything Art Deco. So if you’re drawn to the Palm Springs style, add some big tropical plants, cacti, and focus on a warm, pastel color scheme. Whatever suits your style, use that as a theme and orient your interior style accordingly!

Go Antiquing – The most interesting pieces in a home are often found off the beaten path and are more one of a kind. Scour antique malls for something that catches your eye. Or if you’re me you scour the antique mall and come home with an entire room full of new things. Don’t be afraid to buy something a little beaten up- it just gives it character. My collection of favorite antique pieces: my dad’s old family apple crate, beautiful antique books, milk glass flower vase, and my pink wingback sitting chair. Embrace old school design!

Collect your friends’ artwork – I have a penchant for letterpress and know a fair few printers so I collect postcards, greeting cards, tidbits of printed stuff that makes for good wall art. A frame instantly adds polish to any print. If you have any creative friends, know that they get rid of a lot of awesome stuff all the time because it doesn’t quite meet their personal standards. Take advantage of this for some original wall art!

Show your interests – I love music and like to decorate with favorite album covers. How can you use your hobbies and interests to decorate? Pull from within and you’ll have a unique looking spot in no time.

Monogram – Your name is unique to you, so personalize your things for additional pizzazz!

Quotes – Put up a chalkboard or message board to write your favorite thoughts, ideas, and quotes. Not only will you enjoy seeing it, but it’s a way for you to express your personality to visitors.

Quick ways to make your apartment seem bigger

Sometimes having a huge apartment is just not in the budget, but that does not mean you have to feel stuffed in your smaller place. There are several easy tricks to make your place seem bigger and more spacious.

 Paint your walls a light color :   Using colors like white, sky blue, or light green can make a space seem more open and spacious. Darker colors do just the opposite and will have you feeling like a sardine in a can.

 Open the windows  :  The bright lights from the natural sunlight you let in will have a similar effect as using lighter color paints on the wall. Letting in sunlight will illuminate the rooms in your place and make it seem bigger and brighter.

Use vertical storage units instead of vertical ones :  Drawers, dressers, and shelves that go up and are taller, give the illusion of having more space than dressers that go sideways and are longer. They leave you with more floor space, which will come in handy.

 Rearrange furniture :   Apartments that are furnished come with the furniture arranged in a specific way, but don’t be afraid to move beds, tables, dressers, and sofas around so that the apartment flows better and gives you the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is.

Decorating on a Budget


Your space decorated with your style and to your liking, whether short-term renter or for a lengthy stay can be achieved with an eye for design and a thrifty plan.  Easy tips and projects from professional decorators and designers add accents, freshen a look and transform useful items in to eye-catching conservation pieces.  Easily changeable accessories add splashes of color and easy on the budget when you choose to change.