Commonplace Things Turned Into Awesome Apartment Decor


If you’re short on wall art in your apartment and looking to spruce it up a bit for upcoming visitors, don’t break the bank on wall art from Target or Urban Outfitters until you consider some more affordable, totally fun, and eclectic options! There are a number of ways to create a put-together, stylish apartment with things you may not have considered before. The key is to just add a frame!

Any time you can use something personal it will make your space look more like your own – so sometimes going to Pier One or World Market, etc., for all of your decor can make your space seem impersonal. You can actually save money and make your living space more interesting by framing personal items or interesting graphic items you find at thrift stores or antique stores.

One of the easiest ones to use is old post cards! They’re 4” x 6” most of the time so they’ll fit a standard frame, which you can even buy at the dollar stores if you’re really on a budget. I also like to check thrift stores for fun frames that I can mix and match together for an artsy vibe. Group a number of framed post cards together for a gallery style wall.

If you’re a vinyl record addict, you know how cool album art can be. Craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby sell frames specifically for records so you can turn your favorite album covers into awesome wall art! It’s another way to express your personal taste and style with ease in your apartment.

Some of my favorite framed pieces are from vintage 1940’s magazines a friend of mine gave me. You can find these easily at thrift or antique stores at a reasonable price and gently tear the pages out to frame. Luckily, the magazines I used were a perfect fit for 8” x 10” frames. The design from the mid-century era makes for fantastic art to hang up, too!

Last, one more thing that makes a cool decoration: maps. They’re easy to find, cheap, and can be a great visual addition to your apartment!