5 Things to Love About Fall (That Aren’t Pumpkin Spice Lattes)

I know not everyone agrees, but I honestly think the best thing in the entire world is summer. So when fall rolls around, I feel the panic set in and the realization hits me that there will be no more of that lovely summer fun for a good while. Thankfully, the Gainesville climate is forgiving and mild, but my mind still says, “Give me summer!”. In spite of this, here are some simple reminders that it is perfectly ok, maybe even exciting, that the season is changing to Autumn again.

Fall and Halloween Decorations – Turn your apartment into an autumnal wonderland. The colors alone are exciting: red, orange, yellow, warm and inviting hues to decorate with and celebrate the harvest season. Gourds come in so many lovely shapes and colors and are generally inexpensive, so go to town decorating with them. If you’re a fan of Halloween, embrace the eccentric and spooky things you can get away with once a year! It’s the only time it’s really acceptable put up fake cobwebs (and ignore the real ones)! If you’re not so much into the typical fall color scheme, try something gilded and minimalist along these lines – Check out these ideas. 

  1. The Food – It might get cool enough for your to consider baking in your oven again! One bummer about the hot months is firing up the oven can make being in your apartment unbearable. Once again the opportunity comes to bake ALL the things – cookies, cinnamon buns, sweet potato casserole…mmmm. Not to mention all those heavily spiced fall recipes abundantly available on the internet.
  2. Football – Attending football games, tailgating, throwing parties at home…all have the distinctive fall feel. Whether you’re into college football or the NFL, football is a staple of the season.
  3. Less Humidity – This may sound trivial, but this is a big deal! Less humidity means better hair days, less sticking to your clothes, and less worry about mildew. Being outside becomes an all around more pleasant experience without all that nasty humidity. Maybe the mosquitos will lighten up, too…
  4. Oktoberfest – Okay, so I could have picked any number of things for the fifth point (No Shave November, Fall Leaves, Comfortable Clothing) but who doesn’t like a good party? I will never turn down a reason to celebrate. Enjoy Autumn, y’all!