1982 Bar Music and Arts Cafe: A bar with a twist

What better kind of a bar to put in a college town than a bar that lets you play video games?  1982 Bar offers an extensive menu of vegetarian, vegan, and straight up carnivore options from BBQ pulled pork tacos, to veggie wraps, coffees, shakes, and of course, beers.  After guzzling down some tasty beers, play any of their Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Nintendo 64 games and get super nostalgic.  On top of that, there are shows ranging from stand up comedy to theater as well as an art exhibit.  Located at 919 W University Avenue, in Gainesville and open from 6:30 pm to 2 am Tuesday through Friday and 7:30 pm to 2 am Saturday through Monday, come by to get your drink and video game on like it’s 1982 at 1982 Bar.