Canopy Student Apartments


We are excited to share with you Canopy Apartments, our Fall 2019 cover community.  Canopy is a beautiful community offering the best in luxury student living.  These fully-furnished apartments offer all-inclusive living giving you the ultimate student living experience.

Canopy offers 2, 3, and 4 bedroom options that come fully furnished with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, full-sized washer & dryers, hardwood style flooring, and a 42″ flat screen tv in the main living area.  Each bedroom has its own private bathroom, so no sharing a bathroom like you might have to do in other student housing.  If you need help finding a roommate they can help you locate a roommate with roommate matching for interested Santa Fe College or University of Florida students.

Another perk of student living is the type of lease offered, which is an individual lease. This means you are only responsible for your portion of the lease even if one of your roommates doesn’t meet their end of the deal or if they have to relocate.

Would you like to know about amenities?  Boy do they have the amenities to impress!   There is a brand-new fitness center with a dedicated cardio room with fitness on demand and a 20’ custom made rock climbing wall! (Yes, you read that right.)  Test your strength with Aktiv Gym and TRX suspension training in the all new weight training gym. The 24-hour clubhouse is perfect for entertaining friends with a full kitchen and virtual golf course, along with billiards, ping-pong and other activities.  There is a gorgeous lagoon-style pool with zero entry access and a section for playing volleyball in the pool.  They also have several poolside hammocks, corn hole games, bar, fire pit, grilling areas, poolside study areas with electrical connections.  There is an indoor basketball court, 2 Volleyball courts, tanning rooms with stand-up beds, study rooms with Wi-Fi, and more.  Did we mention they were Pet Friendly?  They have a Pet park for your furry friend to enjoy.

Canopy also has garages and reserved parking spaces available if you are looking for that.  Just check with them and they will be happy to hook you up.

With so much to enjoy in this resort-style community what are you waiting for?  Hurry on over and take a tour today.  They are located at 4400 SW 20th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32607.  Or give them a call at 352-367-8383.

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Back to School: Study Space in a Shared Apartment

If you’re about to move into a new apartment with roommates (possibly you already have), you probably realize how quickly the new semester is approaching! When the school year begins and the homework and paper assignment come piling in, will you have the right workspace to get the job done? Here are some ways you can thwart the chaotic environment that is a shared student apartment.


Problem: Your roommates constantly try to talk to you while you’re studying

Solution: The age-old “Do Not Disturb” sign on your closed bedroom door. Have a roommate meeting and explain that when the sign is turned to this position, it means serious study and homework time.


Problem: Noisy neighbors

Solution: Noise-cancelling headphones. One of the miracles of the 21st century, these may not be the cheapest thing you buy this year, but they may be the most beneficial. This way you can listen to relaxing ocean noises instead of secondhand movie soundtracks through the walls.


Problem: Privacy

Solution: Folding screens are attractive and useful in this case. If you don’t have space in your bedroom to study and have a desk in a shared space, you may need to block out other distractions. A folding screen is very practical in this case because it can be used and then removed when you are finished. Voila!


Happy studying!

Study tips for college kids

Classes are over and summer is knocking out on your door, but there is still one thing you have to do before you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun… take your finals. Yes, they suck and we all hate them, but they are the only things keeping you from those hot days by the beach, so listen to these study tips to make sure you pass your finals this semester.

  • Don’t do all of your studying in one night. Cramming usually won’t help you. Yes, there are those miracle people who can look at the material just one time the day of the exam and do the best out of everyone in the class, but more often than not, this won’t get you a good grade. Spend at least 20 minutes a day the week before the exam reviewing the material.
  • Have all your study material out and ready to review, that means all textbooks, notes, worksheet, etc.
  • Take short breaks often. No, that does not mean getting on Netflix. Instead, take a 5-10 minute snack break or take a quick walk around the neighborhood.
  • If you do choose to study in a group, only study with those who take the class seriously. Studying in a huge group with your friends will most likely lead to just hanging out and chatting rather than studying.
  • Don’t eat while you study, it is more distracting than you think.
  • Have someone else test you on the material to find out what you need work on

Good luck on your finals!

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