How being green can save you big bucks

Being green is not just good for the environment, but it is also good for your wallet. Little things that you can do in just seconds everyday can help save you a bit of cash on that water or electricity bill every month.

– Ever wonder why your clothes take so long to dry? Maybe that lint filter is full of junk. Cleaning out the lint filter every time you dry your clothes,  allows the dryer to work more efficiently and not use as much energy.

-Don’t use the toilet as a trash can. Don’t throw a tissue you used to blow your nose or wipe down the bathroom counter into the toilet and flush.  That is wasting 1.8 gallons of water. Only flush after you have used the toilet to do your business.

-Using a lid when cooking allows the food to warm up faster, and thus, helps you save on electricity.

-Just because your game console,  laptop,  or other electrical devices are not in use, if they are plugged in,  they are using electricity. So, if you are not using them just unplug them to save a bit on that electricity bill.