Finding Pet Friendly Apartments


Sometimes finding pet-friendly apartments can be a bit of a challenge. Many communities don’t allow animals at all while others have weight and breed restrictions. While this is an understandable caveat for a property manager, it can be frustrating for renters when you have a furry best friend.

Thankfully, the Gainesville Apartment and Condo Guide’s search engine allows you to easily specify the kinds of amenities you’re looking for in regards to your pet. You can search for apartments that are pet friendly, with a dog walk area or a dog park easily by checking the boxes from the drop-down menu. This will narrow your results down to help you and your pup find the best fitting community.

We have a lot of pet friendly communities.  Visit our website to see the list for yourself.

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Dog Owner Etiquette for Renters


One of the things often overlooked when you first get a dog is dog owner etiquette – understanding what behavior is acceptable when you’re a dog owner in a community with others, who may or may not also be dog owners. The importance of dog owner etiquette doubles when you live in a small shared space like an apartment! It’s far different when your dog barks at every passing critter in a private house versus the third floor of your apartment building that houses 20 other people. You may want to take the following points into consideration if you want to be a conscientious apartment pup owner!

The most important thing is to pick up after your pet. This goes for anytime, anywhere, in public. Pack plastic bags (it’s a great way to reuse plastic shopping bags) when you go out for a walk or to play. The last thing you’d want is to step in someone else’s dog waste and track it back into your clean apartment.

Make sure your pup gets lots of exercise outside. This is good for multiple reasons; not only will it cut down on unwanted noise and bouncing around in your apartment (which will annoy your neighbors), but it’s good for your dog’s overall health! If you can’t be home during the day, you may want to think about getting a dog walker to come once a day.

Establish a routine. Dogs respond well to a structured and regular schedule and this will help him or her understand when is play time and when is quiet time.

Bring the leash. You might want to keep your dog on a leash in your apartment building and outside until you get where you’re going. Even if your dog is well behaved, you can end up with a bad situation on your hands when you least expect it – dogs do get distracted pretty easily…squirrel! This also is conscientious of others because not all people are comfortable with dogs running up to them and potentially jumping or pawing at them.


Is Owning a Cat Good For You?


Has your apartment been feeling a little empty lately? Have the local shelter’s Facebook posts been tugging at your heartstrings? They are pretty darn cute, those fluffy little critters! Having pets has been proven to improve your quality of life overall.

If you live in an apartment, it is easier to have a cat than a dog and still find a great place to live at a decent rate. Cats are also relatively low-maintenance; as long as you can afford to take care of one and you have a small chunk of time every day to dedicate to it, it’s a pretty great partnership between human and feline. So if you’re considering it, take a moment to ponder a few pros and cons:

The Cons…

Nothing is Sacred. I repeat, NOTHING is sacred. I live with three cats and I come home to little joys like these on a semi-regular basis. Things get knocked over, torn up, eaten, mutilated and absolutely no remorse is shown. This is just the nature of the cat. Dogs look guilty when they are caught misbehaving, but cats just look insolent.


Exhibit A – what’s left of my box springs     Exhibit B – formerly a potted orchid

Allergies. If you’re not sure if you have an allergy to pet dander, you may want to find out first. Sneezing and having a headache and a runny nose all the time isn’t really my idea of fun.

Cost. Owning a pet isn’t always expensive, but vet bills can get expensive fast. So especially if you’re a student consider your budget for the upcoming year and see how a pet fits into that.

Now for the pros!

Companionship. Cats are wonderful companions, even with just a small amount of interaction. They may try to dominate your time, but thankfully it’s very cute when they do it. Phones, laptops, books…they all make great places to sit if you’re a cat.

Health Reasons. Noise frequencies between 18-35 HZ have been shown to help heal bones and muscles in people. Cats purr at about 20 HZ and love to lay around on you when you’re resting so they make a pretty amazing healing aid. Owning a cat has also been proven to lower stress levels and ultimately lower the risk of heart disease, too!

Entertainment. If you haven’t already spent hours of your life watching funny cat videos, it may make a great preview to what being a cat owner is like. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a good laugh about something ridiculous one of these cats has done (which also brings us back to the health pro of #2). If you need examples, just google search “cats afraid of cucumbers” or “cat fails”. Cats make great entertainers, whether they mean to or not!

If you do decide to get a fancy feline and you’re in the midst of apartment hunting, use the Gainesville Apartment and Condominium Guide to find a perfect place that’s cool with cats by using the “narrow search” option and clicking “pet friendly”!  


Tips For Moving With Pets


If you’ve just found a new apartment in Gainesville and you’re starting the moving process, you might be wondering about how to successfully relocate your pets. Dogs and cats are sensitive to change and can be challenging to move with. Like everything about moving, you can make a few plans to help alleviate your pets’ anxiety and have an easier time moving.

First, help familiarize your animals with all the moving supplies gradually. They might not be used to so many new things coming in the house all at once, so regularly bring in some packing materials over a week or so until it becomes commonplace. Try not to pack all your belongings in one day either, to minimize the shock to your pets.

If you’re moving from somewhere far from Gainesville, you may want to check with your vet about how to travel successfully with your pet over that distance. Generally, stopping frequently for water, bathroom breaks, and a little leg-stretching is key. If you need to crate them in the car over the trip, make sure they’re used to being crated for that long of a time before the day of the trip. On the day of the move, if you have someone who can keep your dog or cat in a comfortable and familiar place that may be best while you or hired movers are taking care of business.

Once you’re in your new place, make sure it’s pet-proof and safe! Then for a day or so it’s a good idea to keep animals confined to a smaller space rather than allowed to run all over the new apartment. Having free reign can actually increase a pet’s anxiety, while keeping them in a smaller space helps them feel secure. When you’re all moved in, you and your furry friend can relax and have fun!

Eradicating the Pet Hair in Your Apartment


My dog is a canine version of Pigpen from Peanuts. He’s surrounded by a cloud everywhere he goes. However the cloud isn’t dirt so much as it’s a cloud of dog hair floating around him and trailing behind, leaving a mess in its wake. It’s a never-ending and inevitable mess because it’s highly unlikely I’m going to decide to shave all his fur off. So aside from shaving your pet, opting to only have hypo-allergenic non-shedding pets like poodles, or not having pets at all, there have to be some solutions, right? Thankfully I’ve found there are some helpful tricks for keeping animal hair at bay and off your furniture and floors.

Rubber household cleaning gloves are a phenomenal tool when cleaning up pet hair. A pair of yellow dish gloves from the supermarket are all you need to pick up pesky pet hair up off your furniture. After you put the gloves on, dampen them with a little bit of water and use short strokes with the side of your hand to pick up the hair.

Use the Pet Hair Magnet tool, which looks a little like a combination of a squeegee and a comb, to remove unwanted pet hair from your furniture, curtains, or even your car upholstery. Check the reviews on this site here to see how very popular this inexpensive little tool is.

Microfiber floor mops work great on hardwood or laminate floors to pick up pet hair because the static cling draws the hairs toward the mop head, helping you pick up more of what’s lingering on the floor. Sometimes vacuuming on hardwood floors can blow hair all over the place, making it harder to clean up.

Aside from these three helpful tips, keeping your pet regularly groomed will help control the hair situation as well!

Apartment Plants For You and Your Cat


Living with three cats comes with some pretty unique challenges – pulling a chair out from under the dining room table just to find that it’s already occupied, continuously removing cats from the kitchen counter (because, yuck), and realizing your earbuds are actually a really cool cat toy for the furry parties involved. I’m absolutely a self proclaimed cat lady, but one of the not-so-good parts of living with cats is their love of potted plants. Something about domestic cats makes them want to eat every green living thing in sight, which makes it hard for me to grow a bonsai or an orchid when and where I want to. This not only puts a damper on having plants because they end up leafless or with little teeth marks in the leaves, but because many houseplants are actually toxic to cats.

If you’re feeling bummed out because you love your cat more than a potted plant (like me), here is a list of plants you can have in your apartment that are absolutely safe for your cats to nibble on. Some of them are not just safe, but even good for them!

Wheatgrass This one can help aid your cat’s digestive system!

Cat Nip This one is pretty much a no-brainer


Spider Plants


Lavender This plant can be relaxing for both you and your kitty cat


For a list of plants which are toxic to cats, check here to make sure you’re not endangering your kitty.

Dog Park Included: Gainesville Apartments for You and Your Dog


Sometimes finding pet-friendly apartments can be a bit of a challenge. Many communities don’t allow animals at all while others have weight and breed restrictions. While this is an understandable caveat for a property manager, it can be frustrating for renters when you have a furry best friend.

Thankfully, the Gainesville Apartment and Condo Guide’s search engine allows you to easily specify the kinds of amenities you’re looking for in regards to your dog. You can search for apartments with a dog walk area or a dog park easily by checking the boxes from the drop menu. This will narrow your results down to help you and your pup find the best fitting community.

These communities in the Gainesville area offer dog parks and/or dog walk areas!

The Bartram Apartments Dogs and cats allowed, no weight limit, non-aggressive breeds, $400 pet deposit

Campus Club Apartments Dogs and cats allowed, no weight limit, $250 pet fee + $35/month

The Continuum Apartments Dogs and cats allowed (please call), $250 pet fee + $25/month

Cypress Glen Apartments Dogs and cats allowed, no weight limit, pet fee starting at $100

Hampton Oaks Apartments Dogs and cats allowed, 50lb weight limit for dogs, $300 pet fee

Legacy at Fort Clarke Apartments Dogs and cats allowed (please call), no weight limit, $300 pet fee + $15/month for dogs

Park Avenue Apartments Dogs and cats allowed (please call), no weight limit, $300 pet fee

Ridgemar Commons Apartments Dogs and cats allowed (please call), no weight limit, $150 pet fee + $35/month


For more pet friendly communities, visit our website

Safe Snacking for Dogs


I was absolutely determined to never ever feed my dog little morsels from the table when I adopted him. I did a fantastic job of refraining from doing so too until someone (cough, my Dad, cough) decided to start doing it anyway. And now, like most dogs he is a shameless expert in the soulful-eyed, innocent look from the edge of the table. “Please, no one here every feeds me,” he seems to say. Needless to say I often succumb to the manipulation more often these days.

I was surprised to find out just how many things are unsafe for dogs to eat. This goes especially for small dogs, who are generally more sensitive to toxic substances. Most people know about not feeding dogs chocolate, but did you also know grapes are considered toxic to dogs? Garlic and onions are also two things easily dropped on the floor while cooking that you don’t want your furry friend to indulge in. Some others on the ASPCA’s list are:





Xylitol (a sweetener used in chewing gum)

Citrus fruits

Alcohol of any kind

If you want to make your own treats for your best friend to keep in the kitchen, try one of these recipes from the Kitchn here.

So be careful what you’re feeding your pet from the table! The ASPCA’s list applies to both dogs and cats so you can make sure to keep your critters safe and healthy.

Help! How to Fight an Army of Fleas


If you’re undergoing World War Flea (forgive me for that one), I completely understand your frustration on many levels. Fleas are especially prevalent during warm weather and it’s pretty easy to bring them into your apartment unknowingly. It’s even easier if you have a dog or an indoor/outdoor cat dragging them in. And once they’re in, they are a complete nightmare to get rid of. They reproduce rapidly, hide in all your carpet, rugs, dark spaces, forcing you to wash everything and wage a war of fastidious tidying until they’re gone. And the scariest part is, flea eggs can take up to two weeks to hatch so it’s difficult to tell when you’ve really gotten rid of them.

You have to fight the war on fleas on two fronts: the host front, you and your pets, and the environmental front, where you live. You can treat carpets and furniture with a baking soda and salt mixture which dehydrates the fleas and eggs, allowing you to later vacuum them up and get rid of them. This is a fairly safe and pesticide way to treat tricky surfaces that are flea breeding grounds. It’s safe for pets, but best to keep them out of the area as the substances can be irritants. Most other flea treatments are very harmful to pets and people and should be approached with caution. Hardware and home improvement stores sell chemicals that kill fleas and eggs which you can spray on carpets and furniture, but they are dangerous for pets.

Once the environment is treated, you should tackle the process of de-fleaing your pets. This process isn’t too horrible if you’re treating a dog, but I have yet to meet a cat who enjoys a bath. It’s best to start with the bath to remove as many fleas as possible. Using baby shampoo or a gentle pet shampoo, make a ring of shampoo around your pet’s neck so the fleas do not all run up to your pet’s head. Gently bathe your pet as best as you can (without getting your eyes scratched out) and make sure all those fleas coming off wash down the drain. Once your pet is clean and dry, go over him or her with a flea comb to remove any stragglers. Treating your pet with a flea and tick medicine is also a good idea to kill the eggs and ward off any newcomers.

The apartment cleaning process should be repeated periodically to ensure no eggs are left behind and starting the process over. You can also make a spray from essential oils and water to spray on your furniture and even your dog to ward fleas off. You can use rosemary, citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils diluted properly as a repellent. However, do not use this spray on cats because they are too sensitive to use essential oils on.

Etsy Finds To Spruce Up Your Pet’s Side of the Apartment


Sometimes pet accessories are not quite up to our own personal interior design standards. Thankfully, there are a number of talented craftspeople making unique and appealing pieces to pamper your pets with inside the apartment. From fancy houses to cute food dishes, Etsy has a wide selection of handmade goodies for your fur babies.

Pet houses

This minimalist pet house is sleek, attractive, and even customizable – it’s made from walnut and you get your choice of colored laminate accents $159

This beautifully crafted wicker basket house for small pets is perfect for a rustic and natural look. It’s sure to be cozy for your critters. $46

This is a funky boho teepee for your cat or dog that’s as cool as it is practical. Good vibes only. $115

Litter Box Cover

This midcentury mod litter box cover is a little on the pricey side, but wow is it retro cool! Keep the litter box out of sight in style. $345

Pet Beds

This little felt cat bed is pod-shaped and too cute with its own little ears sticking up off the top of it. $109

This pet bed embraces a masculine, rustic feel and is made out of a wine barrel! Super cool. $250

These pet poufs come in an awesome array of patterns and colors. Pick one that best accents your interior decor. $70+