Keep Your Apartment Mosquito-Free


It’s just barely the beginning of the summer months and I’m already clawing furiously at a leg full of mosquito bites. There’s a few on my arms too. Oh, and that one on my foot. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’ve gotten at least 10 already. Surprisingly, I wasn’t hanging out in a swamp all day. Nope, I just spent about 30, I repeat, 30 minutes on my friend’s deck having a drink a few nights ago.

Mosquitoes are a real problem and not just because they leave you itchy and uncomfortable, but because of mosquito borne illnesses like Malaria and Zika. Adopting certain apartment-keeping habits can thankfully help you keep some of the pesky mosquitoes away and reduce your risk of illness. You might be conjuring up images of mosquito nets and safari hats, but there are relatively simple things you can do around your apartment and on your patio to help keep these little bloodsuckers away.

  1. Don’t leave any standing containers of water around on your porch or deck. Still water is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes! After a heavy rain, empty out any containers that may be sitting around on your balcony, waiting to house thousands of mosquito eggs.
  2. Citronella candles or other candles with essential oils in them like Lemongrass and Eucalyptus help keep mosquitoes away. Keep a few candles on hand if you’re going to have an outdoor gathering or if you want to eat a meal on your patio one evening.
  3. Grow mosquito-repelling plants. This is a more devoted step to take to keep the bugs away, but if you’re a plant person to begin with it will be a cinch. Peppermint, lavender, catnip, and basil plants all act as natural mosquito repellents. Most of them are pretty easy to grow, too!
  4. Make your own mosquito repellent device. This little DIY is non-toxic and will help you keep your apartment free of mosquitoes, inside and out!