Dealing With Kitchen Pests


Maybe you’ve never seen the FX show Archer (and maybe that’s a good thing considering its brand of off-color humor) but every time I see crumbs on the kitchen counter I can’t help but conjure up an irritable Stirling Archer screaming, “This is how we get ants!”. That humorous little tidbit helps remind me that kitchen pests are a real thing and boy are they annoying to reckon with.

Not only do insects and rodents look nasty, they are pretty nasty. Particularly the mice and rats tend to carry diseases – “Hello, Bubonic Plague calling…” and insects are mostly annoying because you never want to find a trail of ants leading into your pantry and worse, into your food containers.

So step one is to try and prevent this from happening. If your apartment complex offers pest control, make sure it is up to date and most likely you will be in the clear. However, some of it is your responsibility. Keep food cleaned up regularly and don’t leave dirty dishes sitting around or open containers of food products out for any period of time. Keep an eye on the countertops and wipe up crumbs and spills that might attract critters. Standing water is also attractive to roaches, so keep your shower and bathroom as dry as possible. One more harmless way to prevent an insect infestation is to keep dried bouquets of lavender around. It smells nice anyway and helps keep those bugs out.

Chances are if you’ve seen one culprit of any variety, there are others. For mice, clean up any waste matter with disinfectant and wash any dishes that are within the general area of the evidence. Then, set traps around the edges of the room and bait with peanut butter. It’s not the most attractive method but it is effective. You may also want to consider calling an exterminator.

For insects, you can try household bug sprays, but you have to be careful with pets around and make sure you’re not harming them while trying to eradicate the pests. For insects you may also want to spray outside the apartment as well where they may be coming in. Chances are they are coming in from within the building and if you have a recurring problem you may also want to talk to a professional to get rid of the pests.


Being a Good Roommate in the Kitchen


Sharing spaces comes with a myriad of challenges. Each room you share has its own unique difficulties when you aren’t used to sharing it with a roommate (or multiple roommates!). The kitchen can be one of the most-used and messiest of the rooms in your apartment…It’s right up there with the bathroom.

Tending to the kitchen in a mindful and conscientious way can prevent flare-ups with your cohabitors in the future. So after you cook dinner, here are some things you may want to keep in mind while you’re hanging out in the kitchen-

Don’t leave a mountain of dirty dishes – nobody likes coming home to a sink or table full of dirty dishes. At least stow them in the dishwasher if you don’t want to wash them by hand.

Crumbs attract bugs – and make roommates unhappy. Clean up crumbs and bits of food daily to prevent insects from inhabiting your space.

If you use something, replace it – it’s true, sometimes you need to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar. Or half a bag of cheetos. Just try to reimburse your roommate for what you took because grocery budgeting can get pricey.

Don’t neglect the refrigerator – others may not want to see your several week old leftovers-turned-science experiment in the back of the fridge, so try getting in a weekly routine of cleaning out the old and replacing with the new.

Consider cooking something for your roommate – not a necessity, but a nice gesture from time to time to remind your roommie that you’re pals.

Plants that clean your household air

If you have stuffy, humid, or even stinky air in your apartment home and you want to get rid of it in a natural and clean way, you may be surprised to find out that several plants can be used to naturally clean up the air in your home, making it fresher while also adding a bit of color to your home. From Palms to Orchids, there are a variety of plants that can have all over your home that help freshen up the air, and are going to be less expensive than having to repeatedly buy air fresheners, sprays, and even dehumidifiers. These plants can even do more than just make the air cleaner, but they can even get rid of toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene that can increase your chance of certain cancers, asthma, allergies and other diseases. Therefore, these plants will not just clean your home, they will clean your body. Check out the link below to see what plants you will be buying for your home.

Drawer dividers

When it comes to keeping your apartment home in order, sometimes it may not be the easiest thing to do considering all you have to do. At the very least, some people keep what is out in the open clean and just end up stuffing everything else into closets or drawers.  Drawers that don’t come with dividers and are jam packed with items are a nuisance, complicated, and make finding something you need a huge headache.  Here is a product you may want to try to help you sort your drawers: expandable drawer dividers that can fit drawers from 17 ½” to 21”. Think of how much more manageable your drawers will be! From kitchen drawers to bathroom drawers to bedroom drawers, you can start cleaning out the garbage in them and start organizing your essentials. With nothing but positive reviews, this product really does seem to be something to try. Check out the link below to look up the product to see if it could help you get your apartment organized.

Household uses for vinegar

Most people don’t think of much when they think of vinegar. They pretty much only associate it with cooking in some way and forget about it after that. However, you would be surprised to know that vinegar can also be very useful in a variety of ways around your home that will make your life way easier. From cleaning out that old shower head of yours, to several ways to clean, and even gardening, vinegar seems to have a way of making some tasks around your home, a lot more bearable. In this link below is the full list of ten uses for vinegar that you would have never thought of.,,20260150,00.html