A Student Budget-Friendly Way to Help Guests Feel Welcome


You may be doing more traveling away from your apartment for the holidays than having people coming in, but there will still be the occasional time when you have a friend in from out of town crash at your place. Apartments can be tricky spots for having guests (I used to squeeze a full size inflatable air mattress into my living room for guests) but a warm welcome doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy or expensive. More often than not, it’s simply attention to detail and remembering what it’s like to be a guest yourself.

I noticed recently while staying at a friend’s place that she had a little basket in her guest room that was full of travel size toiletry items. I thought this was such a nice touch because when you’re traveling, especially when flying and everything has to be TSA approved, it’s easy to forget to bring some of your essentials.

Even if you don’t have a guest room, you can still keep a small basket in your bathroom or hall storage to put extra travel size products for guests. These can be leftover shampoos, conditioners, etc. that you have collected from previous vacations and hotel stays. As a guest, it’s nice to have a backup supply instead of being nervous about asking your host to borrow something.

Little gestures like these are not expensive at help make your friends feel welcome in your apartment!

Be the Best Host!

Summer is such a great time to travel and is equally great for entertaining out of town guests in your apartment! Once you’ve worked out the logistical issues (Where will your guest sleep? Will you be sharing a bathroom?), there are some important hosting points to keep in mind. Try to remember that being a guest can be a very uncomfortable experience if the host is not in tune with the guest’s needs.

When your guest first arrives, show them in and around, then provide time and space for your guest to get comfortable and possibly freshen up. This is especially considerate if your guest has had a long drive there. A few minutes to clean up and decompress can really help their comfort levels.

Always ensure there are plenty of fresh linens and adequate pillows available, and that your guest knows where to find them. Ask if they need any additional toiletries or anything else for a comfortable stay.

Once your guest starts getting settled in, offer him or her a drink and a chance to catch up. Talk about their plans while they will be staying with you and how long they plan to stay.

Keep these questions in mind when preparing for your next guest:

Do they have allergies?

What do they enjoy spending their time doing?

Will you be away at work while they are there?


Simply do your best to make them feel at home. Happy hosting!