Berry Confections

This is berry season time of the year and if you have been to the Gainesville Farmers Markets or U-Pick farms for produce and berries, you may enjoy new recipes to serve your berries. Even if you can’t get to the farms to get the berries, there are good fresh berries at the supermarkets that you can use in the recipes. Two of the recipes you can use both blueberries and strawberries and one is a great favorite of many who like strawberries, Strawberry Pie.

Blueberry Strawberry Trifle


Easy Strawberry Pie


Strawberry Cream Pie


U-Pic Farms


If you have experienced the Farmers Markets in Gainesville but still want a little more hands on experience shopping for produce, you should try the U-Pic farms for strawberries and blueberries before the season is over.

Strawberry season is almost over and blueberry season is in full swing so be sure and call and make sure the farms still have strawberries or blueberries coming in before you go.  A fun day experience for the whole family.

Roger’s Farm
3831 NW 156thAve
Gainesville, FL 32609

The Family Garden
1655 SE 23rd Place
Gainesville, FL 32641

Brown’s Farm
18120 NE State Road 26
Hawthorne, FL  32640
352-475 2015

Hipp Farms
7940 SW 49thAve.
Lake Butler, FL  32054

Red White and Blue Farm
3250 NE 140 Ave.
Williston, FL  32696

Southland Blueberry Farm
NE County Road 1469
Earleton, FL 32631

Gainesville Food Trucks For Your Foodie Cravings


Over the last 10 years or so, food trucks have steadily been gaining popularity. They’ve become a great way for talented cooks to share their love of cuisine with a wider and more diverse audience. The burgeoning brewery scene has also boosted the popularity of food trucks and it seems to be a match made in heaven. Either way, since they’ve gotten so popular there are a number of tasty food trucks to choose from, all in the city of Gainesville!

Off the Griddle – This food truck specializes in using fresh, farm raised ingredients in their American fusion menu items. They have a variety of savory snacks and meals, from fish tacos to quesadillas, Pad Thai, Po’ Boys, and chicken wraps.

Humble Wood Fire – These pizza crafters make unique wood-fired pies with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Check out their calendar to see where and when they’ll be serving their artisanal pizzas.

Swamp Religion – Get a Cajun take on all your favorite eats – Swamp Religion does wings, sandwiches, fries, and even gator tacos!

Papa Pineapples – This Hawaiian themed food truck must be good. It got itself a 5-star Yelp rating and has expanded from one truck to a truck and an additional food trailer. The food truck hails from Ocala, but ventures into Gainesville to serve up its island cuisine.

Mayflower Cellars – These guys serve up gourmet bratwurst, Italian sausages, Frankfurters, and even vegan sausages! They use high quality ingredients from local farms to make these tasty dogs. They can be found on Wednesdays at the Union St. Market from 4-7pm and on Thursdays at Swamphead Brewery from 5-9pm.

There will also be a Food Truck Rally happening on November 19, 2017 at One Love Cafe in Gainesville! Come out between 4 and 9 to try something new or get a fix of one of your old favorites!

Back to School – Foods that Help You Focus


If you’re heading back to school soon, it’s tough getting out of the lazy summer days mindset and back into the swing of going to class and studying every day. There are many changes to include in your back-to-school routine, but one of them that could help is your diet. Some foods are proven to help brain function and boost your ability to concentrate. According to, these are the best brain-boosting foods you can eat.

Fish – Of the reasons fish is good for you, keeping your brain healthy is a major one! The omega 3 fatty acids in fish are incredibly beneficial to your brain. Those who eat more fish are also less likely to develop degenerative aging disorders like dementia later in life.

Avocado – Avocados promote healthy blood flow through lowering cholesterol. Good blood flow = good brain function!

Nuts – Vitamin E rich nuts are great for your brain (and your skin!) and help keep you healthy now and as you age. Those with Vitamin E-rich diets are less likely to develop problems later in life, like Alzheimer’s.

Dark Chocolate – Eating dark chocolate is delicious and good for you. The antioxidents in dark chocolate are great for your brain and the small amount of caffeine in it can give you a quick boost.

Blueberries – Not only are blueberries rich in antioxidents as well, but they actually help lower your blood sugar. In studies using rats, they also have been proven to increase the rats’ ability to learn.