Apartment Workouts

It seems like there are more workout regimens than ever, and so many are available online or through DVD sets. With all these ways to get fit anywhere you have internet access, it’s easy to work out at home instead of going to a gym. For people like me, this is ideal – I’ve never been much of a gym rat myself. Unfortunately if you live above someone else in an apartment, this can present some challenges to getting your workout on. That is, at least while maintaining a good neighborly relationship with the folks downstairs!

If your exercise is very important to you and you’re shopping for apartments soon, you may want to start by checking out apartments with gym facilities. You can find local apartments with exercise rooms on the Gainesville Apartment and Condominium Guide by searching the number of bedrooms you need, then by using the Narrow Your Search feature to specify that you need a fitness center. If you also want things like tennis courts, basketball courts, or a pool to swim laps in, you can also check those boxes under Narrow Your Search.

If you want to be able to exercise inside your apartment and you’re still hunting for the perfect place, try looking for an apartment with carpeted floors. If you want an apartment with hardwood floors or you already have one with them, it might be worthwhile to get a nice thick rug for the room you use to work out on. Doing workouts which require little to no jumping, like pilates or yoga may also be an option if you are running out of other ways to be active within your apartment. There are also a lot of videos on youtube for “apartment friendly workouts” you can check out and try so you can stay fit!

Avoiding College Weight Gain


Losing weight is not something I typically harp about – love your body and yourself and be healthy. But I understand when you attend school on a college campus and adjust to a more studious lifestyle it can have negative affects on your eating habits and amount of exercise. I was my heaviest when I was going through undergrad. It was just easier to eat fast food for every meal, sit around more than I was used to while doing schoolwork or hanging out with friends, and snacking was a regular practice. Now I’m more aware of my eating habits and I’ve learned to make healthier choices. These are the things I was missing when I was in school:

° Limit fast food/pizza intake to once a week if possible. It’s difficult while you’re on the go, but plan snacks and lunches out in advance to help prevent greasy carb-heavy meals. And ordering pizza late at night is a lot of fun, but too often and it can make you feel sluggish and bad.

° Consider not getting a meal plan on campus. I found that it was easier to regulate my food intake and plan healthier meals if I was limited to what I had from the grocery store.

° Walk more, bike more. College campuses are great for getting exercise! Take a nightly walk or bike ride. Not only will it help you burn calories, but it will also help you clear your head and eliminate some stress.

° Cut back on drinking. Empty calories and it takes a real toll on your health and appearance.

° Don’t skip breakfast. Rolling into your first class without eating happens sometimes, but if you eat soon after you wake up, even if it’s a small breakfast, it will kickstart your metabolism and you will burn calories faster the rest of the day.

° Combat your stress. Stress can make you want to eat more and subsequently put on the pounds. There are a million other reasons to fight stress, too, not just because of the weight gain. Give yourself time to relax every day and consider meditation, a relaxing bath, or just some me time.

Getting a workout from the comfort of your own home

We’ve all heard and had the excuses, “I’m too busy to go to the gym” or “I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the other people at the gym”. Working out can be a bit of a challenge to get into, but the results are so worth it beauty-wise, and more importantly, health-wise. You don’t have to strive to look like a body builder, but adding in a few minutes of working out every day, will make you healthier. From fat burning, to strength training, you don’t have to go to the gym to get in some cardio. Check out the link below to find out what workout you can do in your own living room, any time of the day that is most convenient for you!


Fencing in Gainesville

For those of you who have a thrill for sports and who like to try out something new, fencing may be something to add go to your to do list. Located at 809 West University Ave, in Gainesville, the Florida Fencing Academy offers fencing classes from group lessons, private lessons, to elite training for various prices even as low as $15. You can even opt to take a fencing camp to really learn or enhance your skills as a fencer. From reflex training, to blade work, to footwork, fencing will teach you not just how to work a sword, but how to coordinate your own body. Check out the website to find out where the classes are and at what time, and get ready for a sporting lesson like no other.


Gainesville Tennis Academy

For adding exercise and fun, tennis is a perfect sport to keep you in shape and you can enjoy playing at the same time. The Gainesville Tennis Academy, located at 1001 NW 34th St, in Gainesville, offers tennis programs from private lessons, to group lessons, to cardio tennis to really get in a good sweat. The programs will offer you tips on how to improve and challenge you to learn to play with ease. Their faculty offers quality tennis training in a spacious center of 8 lighted hard tennis courts, 3- 36 foot lined courts , 4 racquetball courts and large practice hitting walls. Prices vary according to which program you chose and how long you choose to go for, also check out the website to find out which of their various events you would like to attend.


Yoga from the comfort of home

If you don’t have the time to go the gym and don’t own your own yoga mat, then you will be pleased to know that there are several quick stretches that you can do from your very own bed. Who knew that the place where you take naps and go to sleep at night is the same place to get in a quick exercise? Just click on the link below to find out which easy stretches you can do that will have you feeling ready to start a new day or can even help you wind down and feel tension-free for a long, peaceful night’s sleep.  From a spinal twist, to a lying quad stretch, these movies will take out any knots that you may have and leave you feeling ready for anything.


Swimsuit season fitness

For all the ladies out there who are realizing that summer is just around the corner, you may want to know about some last minute workouts to quickly tone up some areas of your body. With summer time in Florida comes trips to pools, lakes, and beaches, and that means plenty of sunglasses, sun block, and bathing suits. If your legs are part of your problem area, you may want to check out the article in the link below. In 4 simple but effective exercises, you can add just that right bit of definition to your legs and thighs just in time for all of those beach side BBQ’s in the coming months. So, get out your sneakers and water bottles and get ready to tone up for the summer time!