Keeping your abode clean


Do you ever pick up your bath towel and you can’t remember when you switched it out? Or a pair of jeans that get the ol’ sniff test? Life is hectic and crazy and sometimes it’s easy to overlook the little chores around your apartment – like switching out the dish sponge or dusting the blinds (I say this like I actually dust the blinds – don’t tell my mother). So since things can be tough to remember, here’s a little cheat sheet to stash in your cleaning closet.

Towels – Twice a week

You should wash your bath towel and washcloth or replace it every 3 uses or so.

Bed Linens – Once a week

To keep them looking nice, according to Martha Stewart, wash linens in warm water rather than hot. Most pillows are washable too, but require much less frequent care. Pillows can be washed every few months.

Toilet – Once a week

Not only is this a sanitary practice, but if you have guests they won’t see the awful ring if it’s clean.

Kitchen Sink – Once a Day

It’s a good idea to wash your sink out with soap and water each day since it is a hot spot for germs, especially if you cook meat with your meals.

Rugs and floor mats – Once a week

Vacuum or wash (if applicable) rugs and mats once a week to keep the dust and grime from shoes to a minimum.

Curtains – Once a month

You can also take your blinds down and wash them, too with warm soapy water and a soft scrub brush.

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