Community Spotlight: Boardwalk Apartments


Just southeast of the University of Florida and right next to Bivens Arm Nature Park is the stylish Boardwalk Apartments community. Boardwalk Apartments’ residents enjoy convenience to all downtown Gainesville has to offer while also being near the beauty and serenity of nature, where it’s easy to relax.

Living at Boardwalk means you get to choose from one, two, or three bedroom floorplans – all of which are luxurious yet affordable. The apartment interiors are open, filled with light from large windows, and spacious. The kitchens and the bathrooms have ceramic tile floors and kitchens are already equipped with a refrigerator and dishwasher. Bedrooms are cozy and have large walk-in closets for extra storage space.

When residents venture out into the community spaces at Boardwalk, they have so many options for a way to enjoy time close to home. On sunny days, the pool is the perfect place to play or relax. Right next to the pool is the perfect spot for a nap – oversized hammocks are available to chill out in. Boardwalk residents also get to take advantage of a fitness center, tanning bed room, tennis court, basketball court, and barbecue area.

Boardwalk cares about its residents and provides 24-hour emergency maintenance. Convenience is important, too: a laundry facility for residents is located on-site, pest control and trash pickup is provided, and the apartments are pet friendly as well! Leases start at 5 months, which is an advantage if you’re a student looking for a semester-long home.

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Community Spotlight: Spanish Trace Apartments


If you’re looking to live somewhere that’s conveniently located to the best shopping and entertainment in Gainesville, Spanish Trace Apartments is a perfect choice. Spanish Trace combines peaceful living with convenience for its residents. Not only is it located right by Butler Plaza shopping, but it is also on public transit routes that can take residents who are students to the University of Florida on a direct bus line.

The community at Spanish Trace is fresh and attractive looking, with well-kept grounds and beautiful greenery. Outside the apartments is a glittering pool for residents to swim and play in on a sunny afternoon. There is also a basketball court on the property for outdoor recreation. Inside the clubhouse there is a gym, a pool table, and free wi-fi. There’s also a laundry facility for residents, which is open 24 hours a day.

Inside the apartments, units are laid out in one, two, and three bedroom configurations, ranging from 600 to 1250 square feet. Layouts are spacious, with large walk-in closets, and fully-equipped kitchens. Each apartment has wall-to-wall carpeting as well.

Some of the perks for Spanish Trace residents are: 24 hour emergency maintenance, pet-friendly apartments with no weight limit for dogs, and easy access to public transportation. Rent also includes cable tv, pest control, and garbage collection.

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DIY Door Mats to Make Your Apartment Warm & Welcoming


Apartments don’t really get to play up the whole curb appeal thing like houses do, but as apartment renters we can certainly spruce up the front door! A really fun and flexible DIY weekend project is to personalize or create your own special front door mat. Creating your own welcome mat is a quick way to add some unique charm to your front door.

Some of these projects require more work than others, but many are truly easy ways to personalize a store bought doormat.

Updated “HOME” Textured Outdoor Rug

This DIY uses a small outdoor rug purchased at Target and some colorful exterior paint to make a bold and welcoming door mat. It is perfect if you have house paint leftover from other projects!

“Come Back With Tacos” Mat

A simple DIY of cutting a stencil and spray painting onto a plain mat – very simple to do and hilariously cheeky once it’s done!

Fun Fruity Semi-Circle Doormats

The House That Lars Built always has such whimsical DIY’s and these fruit slice welcome mats are no exception. Use a plain semi-circle doormat and some paint to transform it into a summery tropical way to welcome guests in.

Minimalist Wooden Doormat

If you like neutral colors and clean lines, this welcome mat may be up your alley. Made from wood and rope, it’s very Scandi. This project is a little more labor intensive than the previous two, so be prepared (with a drill)!

Braided Rope Doormat

This one is definitely the most labor intensive, but looks so amazing! If you love nautical themed decor or you’re into macrame, this is the perfect project. The directions suggest practicing the weaving by making a scaled down version first.


Community Spotlight: The Gardens Apartments


When you want to be a short commute from the bustle of downtown Gainesville but not necessarily in the thick of it, the southwestern part of the city is a great refuge to call home. Located in this southwestern region are plenty of shops, entertainment, and nearby parks and conservation areas. The Gardens Apartments is located in southwest Gainesville and is a serene community with a lot to offer.

The Gardens is only four miles from the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, which makes for an easy commute for students. Those who are raising families are at an advantage as well because The Gardens is located in a school district that boasts well-rated schools which excel in not only academics, but art and athletics as well.

Apartments at The Gardens are available in one, two, and four bedroom floor plans, with up to two and a half baths. Inside the apartments, residents have plenty of storage space with large walk-in closets and spacious floor plans. Private balconies or patios are also included and select units have washers and dryers as well.

The Gardens’ community amenities include plenty of ways to spend free time – whether it’s swimming in the pool, playing basketball or tennis on the courts, or relaxing on the sun deck on a pleasant afternoon. Residents can also take advantage of the additional perks of living at The Gardens, like spending time with pets since the community is pet friendly. Other perks include pest control, alarm systems, trash pickup, and much more.

Schedule a tour here to get current specials and envision your future at The Gardens!

Simple Habits To Keep Your Clothes Looking New


Buying new clothes all the time can be fun if you love to go shopping, but it gets expensive! Even if you’re a Grade A bargain hunter, it’s better for your wallet and for the environment to buy better quality clothing and take good care of it. Keeping your clothes looking fresh isn’t necessarily difficult, either.

Wash less often A common thing to do is to wash something after wearing it once. How many hours did you wear it? Were you exerting a lot of energy and sweating when you wore it? If you only wore something half a day for leisurely activities, you can typically hang it back up to air out. Things like sweaters, jackets, and loose-fitting jeans can go a number of wears without being washed. This will prevent unnecessary wear on your clothes.

Separate clothing by color and by weight Washing delicates in with jeans can tear up your finer things. Wash paints and heavy clothing together while saving thinner tops and delicates for a separate cycle.

Check the temperature Your clothing will tell you how to wash it, which is helpful. As a rule, cold water does less harm to your clothes than warm. However, if your workout clothes may need to be washed in warm or hot water to get the sweat or deodorant out. Bonus – using cold water uses less energy, too.

Wash and dry inside out This will protect the exterior of your clothes from fading as much when you wash them.

Air dry more Over-drying clothes will fade, shrink, or damage them. Some drying is fine, but most things are better air dried most of the way and gently dried to soften them up. Or you can do it the other way- dry them part the way in the dryer, then take them out and hang them up or use a folding laundry rack to dry them on. If you have to pay extra to use a dryer, this is a great way to save money on your laundry.

Searching for Vintage in Gainesville


Retro styles are everywhere on the interior decorating scene- mid-century modern, antique replicas, and so forth. You can buy new version of these things at furniture and home goods stores like Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and even Target….for a price! These reproductions are not always affordable and often lack character or quality.

If you’re searching for honest-to-goodness vintage finds in Gainesville, this upcoming event may be the perfect opportunity to find that vintage piece you’ve been looking for!

The Gainesville Pop-Up Vintage Market will take place next on April 6, 2018 at La Chua Vintage. The market is a recurring collection of vintage vendors that set up around Gainesville. The upcoming market will be a “happy hour” style experience, lasting from 5 PM to 10 PM.

When you’re looking for vintage finds, here are some things to keep an eye out for:

Quality is key – look for items that appear well-made and durable; skip furniture that is cracked or does not have a solid frame

Lackluster upholstery isn’t a dealbreaker – chairs can be reupholstered at home or sent to a shop to be worked on, so you’re not married to the current upholstery. Just keep in mind it is usually an investment.

Measure before you shop – furniture does not look the same way in a store as it will in your apartment, so sometimes it’s handy to keep your room measurements with you.

Be able to bargain – If you see a scuff or a scratch on something, that’s a bargaining point. Flea markets are great places to test your negotiating skills.

An Easily Forgotten Moving Pro-Tip


I myself have fallen prey to an overlooked apartment detail…stairwell measurements. It’s not often on the forefront of your list when you’re moving, but it should at least BE on the list. Trust me, there isn’t much worse than getting your box springs stuck going up the stairs.

Preferably before the moving process even begins and while you’re still considering your new apartment, make sure you can actually get your furniture up the stairs or in the elevator and to your prospective spot. You may want to take measurements of the stairwell and the hallway so there are no mishaps. Other tricky and often forgotten spots are hallways, entry doors and secondary doors, and rooms inside the apartment you have to move things through. Unless you plan on selling your large furniture and buying new things, this could be a dealbreaker for the apartment.

When I had my box springs mishap a few years ago, I was thankfully able to narrowly back it out of the cramped stairwell. Then, like an intelligent person, I took the exterior stairs on the back of the building instead. Thankfully that set of stairs didn’t have walls built up around the sides and the open areas allowed my friends and I to move the bed more freely.

Some of the items you might want to measure before you move (from your current space) are:

  • Bed
  • Bed Frame (ideally it comes apart)
  • Sofa
  • Dining Table
  • Desk
  • Bookshelves