Community Spotlight: Museum Walk Apartments


If you’re a UF student and you want to be as close to campus as possible, while still enjoying the independence of off-campus living, Museum Walk Apartments is a great community to consider. Museum Walk is just across the street from the University of Florida, making it the perfect location when you want to keep up with all the activities and events happening on campus. Residents are also able to hop on several different bus lines to quickly go downtown, to the Hub, the Stadium, and more.

Museum Walk Apartments offers two and three bedroom units, with a bathroom for each bedroom. Residents enjoy sleek, modern design in the units and stylish furnishings. Select homes also include upgraded granite countertops and energy efficient stainless steel appliances. Each unit is spacious and inviting, with vaulted ceilings and ample storage space. All apartments at Museum Walk include cox cable and internet, water, and sewer.

The Museum Walk community is colorful and surrounded with lovely green plant life, which fills the inner courtyard. This green space is a perfect getaway for residents from busy Gainesville life. Residents can also go for a dip in the community pool. Inside the community buildings are a computer lab, tanning beds with unlimited tanning, and a 24 hour fitness center.

Museum Walk is pet friendly! Cats and dogs are both welcome and there is no weight limit for dogs. A few other perks for Museum Walk residents are: roommate matching services, free parking for residents, and flexible lease terms!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Window Treatments


I was standing in the curtains aisle scratching my head the other day. The blinds I have aren’t cutting it and I decided to spring for some curtains instead. I don’t have much experience with curtains, so it’s the Wild West for me. How long should they be? Do I want them to block light? What’s the difference between a shade and a curtain? I was like a lost puppy, wandering up and down the window treatments section of Target. So instead, I decided to go home and do some research first. I thought it would be helpful to share my findings and provide a breakdown of what’s out there and the best ways to use what’s available.

First of all, what do you want? Choosing the Right Curtains

  • Light filtering / Sheer: these allow light to pass through. You may want blinds underneath for privacy.
  • Light blocking / Blackout: these are more opaque and provide more privacy.

Measure your windows. Take height and width measurements and keep them with you when you go shopping.

Length: It’s generally accepted now that curtains look best when they’re floor length. Short curtains can look a little wonky or silly – and trust me, they do. I had to get some short ones for a kitchen door window and they’re downright goofy looking. Most curtains in the big stores are 63” to 144”. Always get them a little longer than the length of the rod to the floor. For small windows, like in a kitchen, you can opt for something like a cafe curtain which covers about half to two thirds of a window and is more decorative than anything else.

Width: They should be about twice as wide as your window, together (both panels combined).

Color, texture, and pattern will all be up to you. It may depend on your decor or it may depend on price, or availability. Shop around and see what’s out there.

Installing Curtain Rods

If you don’t already have a curtain rod mounted, check with your landlord before you install one. Once you have the go ahead, they should be mounted several inches above your window and several inches wider than your window. Here’s a good guide for installing curtain rods, including the tools you’ll need.

Shades and Blinds

If you want to use something other than curtains, you can try shades or blinds. Most apartments already include mini-blinds.

Shades: Shades are a great economical option. They are a single sheet of fabric which cinches up to let light through the window.

Blinds: Blinds come in both horizontal and vertical varieties and are slatted, letting light in between the slats. Most plastic and aluminum blinds are affordable for a student budget and can be found easily at home goods stores.

Community Spotlight: Hidden Village Apartments


Tucked away out of sight in Gainesville is an aptly named hidden gem: Hidden Village Apartments. Hidden Village is right off Old Archer Road and while it is not visible from the main road, is still conveniently near University of Florida and everything going on in Gainesville! Hidden Village Apartments are a great spot for students and young professionals to call home.

Hidden Village features one and two bedroom apartments in its peaceful community. Units are budget-friendly and Hidden Village offers great amenities to all residents. Inside the apartments, layouts are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of storage. Kitchens are fully equipped and larger floor plans include an outdoor patio or balcony as well.

Hidden Village residents get guaranteed parking as well as access to several different bus routes right outside their front door. There is a laundry facility on-site for your convenience and a duck pond outside for your enjoyment! Residents can feel free to use the picnic tables and barbecues outside for entertaining friends or relaxing outside on a nice day.

Hidden Village is pet friendly! When you live at Hidden Village, there are perks for both you and your pets! There is a dog park with an agility course at residents’ disposal as well as a deluxe dog wash! You can even get a discount if your pet was adopted at a shelter or rescue.

In addition to all the other perks, trash collection, pest control, and sewer feeds are all included in rent at Hidden Village. Check out current specials or schedule a tour here!

Refuel at Local Coffee Spots in Gainesville


Creating a great workspace in your apartment is key, especially if you’re a student or if you work from home. But no matter how cool and quiet your study spot is, sometimes you need to switch it up – and enjoy some [energizing] coffee while you’re at it. So where are the good coffee spots in Gainesville? Check out these places and maybe they’ll become your new java haunts.


Located right off University Ave. and near Bo Diddley Community Plaza is Volta Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate. These purveyors of specialty coffees, teas, chocolates, and baked goods are all about variety and quality. Check their Facebook page to see what goodies they have available each day for your snacking enjoyment.  48 SW 2nd. St.

Opus Coffee

Opus Coffee has been around Gainesville roasting and serving up delicious coffee since 2002. Now they have multiple locations around town so you’ll likely be able to find one near you to hang out at. Opus focuses on quality and the origins of their skillfully roasted coffee beans. Check out one of their many locations around town – you can find them listed at the bottom of their site.

Curia on the Drag

Curia is housed within a larger space that includes an art gallery and individual art studios on 6th Street. This chic, beautiful coffee shop is an artistic oasis for creative minds. Spend an afternoon or evening studying surrounded by colorful works of art, greenery, and the aroma of coffee.  2029 NW 6th St.

Pascal’s Coffee House

Pascal’s is a spot created by the Christian Study Center of Gainesville, but all are welcome to enjoy coffee and community at this local space. Pascal’s offers a bright, uplifting space to spend time studying or hanging with friends while enjoying their ethically sourced and carefully roasted coffee drinks.   112 NW 16th St.


Community Spotlight: Frederick Gardens


Just a short bike ride or walk from the University of Florida is the Frederick Gardens apartment community. Frederick Gardens is a perfect refuge from busy school life and a comfortable place to call home. These bright, updated apartments make uplifting living spaces for students and young professionals.

Each unit at Frederick Gardens is stylishly designed and has fresh, updated features. All bedrooms have ceiling fans and plenty of storage space. The kitchens have updated countertops and sinks; some of the one and two bedroom floor plans also have walk-in pantries and eat-in breakfast areas. If you enjoy spending time outside, but still within the privacy of your own space, balconies are also available.

Frederick Gardens community amenities include two beautiful pools for residents to swim in, adjacent sun decks, picnic tables with barbecues nearby, lush courtyards, laundry facilities, and much more. If you enjoy outdoor activities, Frederick Gardens is also conveniently located near a connection to the Hawthorne Trail. As a resident, you can hop on a bike and blaze the trail or take your dog for a stroll. Speaking of dogs, they and cats both are allowed, too, with a restriction of 80 pounds for dogs.

A few of the great conveniences residents receive at Frederick Gardens are: 24 hour emergency maintenance, sound resistant block construction, convenience to UF bus stop, and multiple options for lease terms. To find out about current specials and to schedule a tour, check out the Frederick Gardens listing here!

When Was the Last Time I Cleaned That?


Do you ever pick up your bath towel and you can’t remember when you switched it out? Or a pair of jeans that get the ol’ sniff test? Life is hectic and crazy and sometimes it’s easy to overlook the little chores around your apartment – like switching out the dish sponge or dusting the blinds (I say this like I actually dust the blinds – don’t tell my mother). So since things can be tough to remember, here’s a little cheat sheet to stash in your cleaning closet.

Towels – Twice a week

You should wash your bath towel and washcloth or replace it every 3 uses or so.

Bed Linens – Once a week

To keep them looking nice, according to Martha Stewart, wash linens in warm water rather than hot. Most pillows are washable too, but require much less frequent care. Pillows can be washed every few months.

Toilet – Once a week

Not only is this a sanitary practice, but if you have guests they won’t see the awful ring if it’s clean.

Kitchen Sink – Once a Day

It’s a good idea to wash your sink out with soap and water each day since it is a hot spot for germs, especially if you cook meat with your meals.

Rugs and floor mats – Once a week

Vacuum or wash (if applicable) rugs and mats once a week to keep the dust and grime from shoes to a minimum.

Curtains – Once a month

You can also take your blinds down and wash them, too with warm soapy water and a soft scrub brush (do as I say, not as I do!).

Community Spotlight: Lexington Crossing


The apartments at Lexington Crossing are conveniently located one mile from Gainesville’s University of Florida and just a short drive from Santa Fe College. But what’s even more convenient for college students are the private suites for each individual renter at Lexington Crossing PLUS being conveniently near school. Living with roommates can be a challenge, but the advantage of having your own personal suite makes living with roommates a breeze.

Lexington Crossing offers two, three, and four bedroom apartments at their community. You can choose to room with your friends from school or work, or you can even utilize the community’s roommate matching service to get paired up with other like-minded renters.

Inside the apartments at Lexington Crossing, you’ll find so many fantastic amenities included with your rent – a washer and dryer for easily doing laundry, balcony or patio to spend time outside, kitchen appliances, and even furnished apartments if you have the need.

Throughout the rest of the community you’ll have access to wi-fi, a 24-hour fitness center, tanning beds, a computer lab, media lounge, and study lounge. Outside, you can take advantage of the two swimming pools or play tennis or basketball on their respective courts. The management at Lexington Crossing even offers a monthly calendar of fun events for residents!

Lease terms are flexible, starting at three months, so you don’t need to worry if you only have a semester left of school before you move. Lexington Crossing wants to make your student living hassle free! Schedule a tour today!



Dog Owner Etiquette for Renters


One of the things often overlooked when you first get a dog is dog owner etiquette – understanding what behavior is acceptable when you’re a dog owner in a community with others, who may or may not also be dog owners. The importance of dog owner etiquette doubles when you live in a small shared space like an apartment! It’s far different when your dog barks at every passing critter in a private house versus the third floor of your apartment building that houses 20 other people. You may want to take the following points into consideration if you want to be a conscientious apartment pup owner!

The most important thing is to pick up after your pet. This goes for anytime, anywhere, in public. Pack plastic bags (it’s a great way to reuse plastic shopping bags) when you go out for a walk or to play. The last thing you’d want is to step in someone else’s dog waste and track it back into your clean apartment.

Make sure your pup gets lots of exercise outside. This is good for multiple reasons; not only will it cut down on unwanted noise and bouncing around in your apartment (which will annoy your neighbors), but it’s good for your dog’s overall health! If you can’t be home during the day, you may want to think about getting a dog walker to come once a day.

Establish a routine. Dogs respond well to a structured and regular schedule and this will help him or her understand when is play time and when is quiet time.

Bring the leash. You might want to keep your dog on a leash in your apartment building and outside until you get where you’re going. Even if your dog is well behaved, you can end up with a bad situation on your hands when you least expect it – dogs do get distracted pretty easily…squirrel! This also is conscientious of others because not all people are comfortable with dogs running up to them and potentially jumping or pawing at them.


Community Spotlight: College Park Apartments


There comes a moment when as a student, you’ve done the living on campus thing and you’re ready for the next step. When this time comes, you want to live somewhere that still has the fun college feel of the on-campus spots, but with more flexibility and greater independence. Apartments at College Park strike this balance beautifully and are perfect for Florida Gators.

The community of College Park encompasses the neighborhood and includes a number of buildings with everything from studio spaces to four bedroom apartments. No matter which size you opt for, you’ll be conveniently located right by campus at the University of Florida as well as the very hip Midtown area.

Apartments at College Park are jam packed with great features and amenities- like wood floors, washers and dryers, cable TV, dishwashers, fireplaces, and more. Master suites have their own private bathrooms and spacious closets. You can also have your own patio or balcony attached to your apartment.

The community spaces at College Park are just as appealing as inside the apartments. Well-landscaped grounds surround the buildings. If you want to go for a swim, you can jump in the community pool right outside your apartment. And since College Park is pet friendly, you can enjoy a nice stroll in the neighborhood with your dog, or a game of fetch in the grass.

Check out College Park and see how living off-campus is just as fun for a Gator!