The Only Cleaners You Need In Your Apartment


Apartments don’t always come with your ideal amount of storage space. When you look under your kitchen or bathroom sink and it’s cluttered up with bottle after bottle of various cleaning products you might wonder how you could get better use out of your precious storage areas. The simplest answer is to minimize the number of cleaning products you use – it will save you space and money in time.

How many spray bottles and cleaners do you have piled up under the sink? First, clean out what you don’t want for sure – products that are old or ones you don’t use anymore. Do this responsibly by following the instructions on the bottle for safe disposal. Water soluble cleaners can be poured down the drain, but not all products can be disposed of this way. Make sure you follow directions or look up an alternative method to safely empty the container.

Identify what you need then ask yourself – What kinds of surfaces do you have in your apartment? If you have marble countertops or other special surfaces, you might want a specific cleaner for those because they can be damaged with standard solutions.

Otherwise, most hard surfaces can be cleaned with simple, natural cleaners. If you want something that will cut grease on counters and surfaces but does not have harsh chemicals in it, try a product like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day multi-surface cleaner. This is just one example of a number of products made from non-chemical ingredients that’s safe on a number of surfaces. You can also make your own vinegar based cleaning solution by mixing equal parts vinegar and water. Most surfaces are safe to use vinegar on except porous ones like marble and hardwood floors because the vinegar can harm the finish. Another benefit to using a vinegar cleaner is it disinfects.

Once you’ve identified what you need, you should be able to minimize your under-the-kitchen sink to about 3 bottles – a basic hard surface cleaner, a disinfectant or window cleaner, and a carpet or upholstery cleaner.

When you get simple, multi-purpose cleaners that work harder for you, you’ll benefit from the extra space.


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