3 Halloween Themes for a Spooky Apartment Party


Halloween decor is the only type I’m tolerant of coming out months early. The excitement of fall and all the crazy, fun decorations makes my heart all aflutter for October festivities. The decorations, costumes, and boatloads of creepy movies to watch keeps me happy all month long and helps segue into the cooler months and more laid back holidays.

So now that we’re halfway through October, you’re thinking of throwing a monster mash for the 31st at your place and wondering how to decorate for the occasion…

These are some of my favorite styles for the bash-

Beetlejuice-Inspired – If you grew up in the 90’s or not long after, it’s likely you’ve seen this movie once or twice. Easily one of my favorite creepy, yet amazingly goofy Tim Burton films, Beetlejuice is all about bright wacky colors, black and white stripes, everything absurd, odd green lighting, abstract furniture, and polaroids. Indulge in lots of purple, green, and over the top, bright decor. Get green light bulbs or black light bulbs to replace some of your regular ones with to get that Beetlejuice ambience. Anthropomorphizing your furniture will help too, so think about sticking on some googly eyes or felt faces with painter’s tape (which shouldn’t hurt your upholstery). Don’t forget the fog machine! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Victorian Gothic – If you are a fan of the elegantly macabre, try this sophisticated style. Decorating primarily with a combination of black and violet is a good place to start. Next, use candelabras and ornate photo frames with old photographs to set the stage. You can often find old frames and photos both at thrift stores and the frames can be painted black with craft paint. Spider web, snake, and raven decor (consider crafting with black feathers!) help create a classy but dark themed space. Use lots of candles or LED candles, to play it safe, to set the mood.

Retro Halloween – Stick to a classic orange and black color scheme and decorate with twisted crepe paper streamers, paper bats, and fake cobwebs. Any good old-school Halloween party comes with the tried and true green punch in an old punch bowl for guests. The theme is not just decorations-centric, but also involves fun class activities. You can put together a tub for apple bobbing and a station for making candy apples. If you want to get a little creepier, bust out the ouija board, a classic favorite. Make sure you have all the Halloween themed oldies on your playlist…including the Monster Mash of course.

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