Look Up! And Liberate Your Floor Space


One of the great struggles of renting an apartment is figuring out how to fit everything on the ground in a small floor plan. The solution in apartments is the same as it is in city planning – build up, right? The question is whether or not you’re using your ceiling and wall space efficiently? What could you be hanging from the ceiling or on the walls instead of stationing on the floor? It could open up your apartment and help it feel airy and spacious.

Hanging side tables and shelves free up floor space and look super cool. Try DIY’ing a neat bedside table like this one, from website the Merrythought. You can find fun looking slabs of wood to work with on Etsy. This simple DIY allows you to put other storage underneath or just simply enjoy the minimalist and open look of the hanging table by itself.

I love those very 1970’s hanging fruit baskets in the kitchen, a la this right here. It’s likely that counter space comes at a premium in your apartment and freeing up any of that golden space is a welcome idea. Plus if you’re into the retro thing, this style of basket is right up your alley.

Another way to maximize the space in your place via the hanging method is to add hooks underneath shelves all over – you can do this in any room. For example, you can use hooks underneath a shelf in your kitchen for utensils or mugs. In your bedroom, hooks under a shelf make a great jewelry hanger for necklaces or for hanging sweaters from.

More cool than practical, the hanging chair fad is upon us – hang a hammock or fun rattan chair from the ceiling (check with your landlord first) and prepare to receive all the compliments. Because, how cool is this? Ok that one is a little pricey, but the hanging chairs thing is becoming popular again so there are some more affordable options out there!

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