5 Things You Can Put Plants in That You Already Own!


Upcycling is a great way to find new uses for old things and cut down on waste at the same time. So, why not upcycle some things you have lying around and increase the amount of fresh oxygen in your apartment, too? If you’re hankering for some more green life in your place, but don’t want to fork out a bunch of money for new planters these are some simple substitutions you can make.

Depending on what kind of plants you have, you may want to consider: how much water and drainage the plant needs (to base your container choice on), how hot the container will get, i.e., metal vs. ceramic, and if the container will warp with moisture in it, i.e., wood. Some types of containers will work better for certain plants than others – keep these things in mind when making your choices!

Old teacups or mugs – If you’ve broken the handle off a mug or chipped a cup, it can still make an attractive planter like these here. Since the containers are small and don’t have drainage holes, it’s best to plant succulents or cacti in these.

  1. Tin cans – this is a great way to recycle canned food cans and make something useful. Thoroughly clean cans and poke a hole in the bottom for drainage. These work great for mini herb gardens in the kitchen. You can even decorate the cans to match your decor. If you want something bigger, try using an empty paint can instead!
  2. Colanders – these make great planters as they are full of holes! This lets the soil drain and breathe so your plants don’t get root rot. You can even suspend them from a chain like a hanging planter.
  3. Old boots – you’d be surprised how great these are for cute little planters! They give a whimsical look to a porch or patio.
  4. Cookware – baking pans, old mixing bowls, and all that jazz make attractive little planters for your apartment. So instead of throwing out your old stuff when you replace it with new, see what else you can do with it!
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