How to Get Your Apartment Date Ready in 15 Minutes!


If you just got off work and remembered someone is supposed to come over and you still have to shower, get dressed, possibly pick up a bottle of wine and you, gasp, realize your place isn’t looking so hot… never fear! Unless you haven’t cleaned in months and your place is in need of some serious deep cleansing (in which case you should suddenly suggest the two of you go out), you can spruce up your apartment in 15 minutes with no trouble at all. Here are the most important things you can take care of before your date arrives-

  1. Grab all the extraneous stuff lying around with no real home and put it in a place where it isn’t visible. This is the point when a junk drawer or junk box with a lid is advisable. If all else fails, shove it in your bedroom closet to be sorted with later. Don’t use a hall closet, though because that’s a spot more likely to be opened by a guest.
  2. Take out all the kitchen and bathroom trash – you can handle to waste one bag if there isn’t much in there because if there is so much as one banana peel in that trash can it can stink up a whole apartment. Make sure there aren’t any pizza boxes lying around on countertops either. Then grab the febreeze and give everything upholstered a light spritz. If you don’t have febreeze, light a candle or make coffee to cover up any extra household odors.
  3. Adjust the lighting to mood lighting – lamps, string lights, but cut down on overhead lights. Not only does this create ambience, chances are it will minimize the amount of attention paid to the less organized areas in your apartment.
  4. Tweak a few thoughtful details by putting one of your favorite books or magazines on the coffee table along with a dish of snacks or a bottle of wine for the evening. If you have additional time, put on some music in the background. Now, breathe! You did it.


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