Crates on Crates on Crates!


One of the most wonderful qualities a piece of furniture in a tiny apartment can have is to be versatile. Multitasking furniture or pieces that you can rearrange easily (think modular furniture) are key to having a balanced space to live in when square footage comes at a premium. There’s a fair possibility you’ve seen things made out of either antique or new wooden crates online – they seem to be pretty darn popular right now. With that being said, I can see why they’re so popular! I myself have an old wooden crate leftover from my family’s apple orchard days, which makes it pretty cool and special to me. It has our family name stamped on the side and it’s beautifully weathered after being used for so many years. It’s truly been an indispensable staple in my apartments over the years!

Here are some of the many ways you can use crates in your apartment:

Nightstand Turn a crate up on its smaller side to create a shelf/nightstand combo or stack two on top of each other if your bed is taller. Bonus- it also gives you additional shelving inside of it if you stack it two deep.

Book Shelf I’ve used my crate as a bookshelf for quite some time and I love the way it looks. If you have a number of crates you can make a myriad of shelf combinations by simply stacking them like building blocks. It also looks really cool this way! If you buy new unfinished crates, leave them with no finish for a Scandi-inspired look or consider painting them for a color coded theme.

Side Table / Coffee Table Depending on the size of your crate, it might make a better end table, but if you have a large enough one it makes an excellent coffee table! Simply turn your crate upside down with the bottom facing the ceiling and you have a pretty trendy looking table for your apartment. It also works well for patio spaces since most crates are either unfinished or already worn, you don’t have to worry much about the weather’s effects.

Wall Shelf You can wall mount a crate like a shadow box to show off trinkets and other lightweight decorative objects.

Desk If you want to get crafty and creative, you can screw two crates together, bottom to top in two sets to create the supports for a table top. Then cut a piece of wood or MDF to fit across the top and anchor it into place. Voila, you have a desk with shelving built into its supports!…mind blown.

If you’re looking for even more fun crate furniture ideas, there are about a million on Pinterest, waiting to be brought to life!




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