To Launder or Not To Launder?


Clothes, that is. Laundry is one of the many joys (challenges) of living in an apartment. I’m fortunate enough right now to have a washer and dryer where I live, but I have not always been so lucky. I can tell you right now, carting my laundry up and down the stairs in my apartment building was not one of my favorite activities…nor was spending $3 a load to wash it…and neither was waiting an hour for each load to wash. So if you live in a tiny apartment without a laundry facility, what do you do?

Sometimes you’re stuck using the laundromat, in which case the way you utilize your wardrobe becomes a delicate balancing act- “Wait! Don’t wear that shirt! You’ll need it in three days for a specific occasion and it won’t be clean for another two weeks!” or something like that runs through your head when you go for an article of clothing. When it comes to the laundromat, I suggest keeping a change jar to collect stray quarters and dollar bills unless your laundromat accepts credit cards. I also recommend buying a drying rack to keep in your apartment and air drying as much clothing as possible, which will cut down on the cost of using the dryer. You can also wash things like delicates and underwear in a bucket or in a clean sink by hand in a pinch. I know this is the 21st century, but sometimes it’s not so bad to do things the old fashioned way.

When I lived in a larger city, many people had their clothes laundered for them. In this case, you just drop off your bag of dirty laundry and for a couple dollars extra you can have everything washed, dried, and pressed. Keep in mind you’ll have to get over the notion of someone else going through your dirty laundry. But if you don’t have a laundry facility in your apartment complex and you work long hours, this really makes life easier.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even if your apartment doesn’t have a washer, there are methods of laundry survival. However, I definitely recommend the laundry facility to be at the top of your checklist when searching for a new apartment! You can even do this on the Gainesville-Rent website by searching here and narrowing your search by selecting “laundry facility”!

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