Double Duty Doors and the Magic of Vertical Space


Finding adequate storage in an apartment is always a challenge and there are a number of solutions to choose from. One of the key ways to combat limited space is by not underestimating the potential of vertical spaces in your apartment. Shelves are an obvious choice for maximizing your organizational space, but have you considered how much space there is available on the fronts or backs of doors? Cabinet doors, closet doors, and room doors all offer an array of untapped storage potential. Here’s how you can utilize the doors in each room of your apartment.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets provide a number of small places to improve on organization for food, cooking utensils, and so forth. Using either the cabinets above the counter or below, depending on what you find more practical, organizers can be placed over the cabinet doors either way. Some of the types of organizers you can find for the kitchen are: large pantry organizers with shelves to fit over the inside of a pantry-sized door, spice racks which hang over the insides of kitchen cabinet doors, lid organizers to keep the saucepan lids straight, and you can also use command hooks (which detach easily and cleanly when you move out) to hang just about anything off the back of a cabinet door.

In the Bathroom

The biggest need for bathroom storage is for towels or robes – this is also one of the easiest types of over-the-door hangers to find at your local supermarket. So if you don’t already have a towel hanger there, you may want to add one, especially if you have roommates and you’re out of towel bar space. Another organizing opportunity is a caddy for the inside of the vanity door. Keep bottles of toiletries or cleaning products organized this way.

In the Bedroom

Bathroom closet organization is key to having an organized living space. Utilizing over the door hooks (the same kind as used for a towel rack), hanging shoe organizers which fit on closet doors, or vertically lined purse hooks help you keep your clothing and accessories straight. You can also DIY cute looking jewelry hangers to put on a door, like some of these, which double as storage and an attractive decoration.


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