Eradicating the Pet Hair in Your Apartment


My dog is a canine version of Pigpen from Peanuts. He’s surrounded by a cloud everywhere he goes. However the cloud isn’t dirt so much as it’s a cloud of dog hair floating around him and trailing behind, leaving a mess in its wake. It’s a never-ending and inevitable mess because it’s highly unlikely I’m going to decide to shave all his fur off. So aside from shaving your pet, opting to only have hypo-allergenic non-shedding pets like poodles, or not having pets at all, there have to be some solutions, right? Thankfully I’ve found there are some helpful tricks for keeping animal hair at bay and off your furniture and floors.

Rubber household cleaning gloves are a phenomenal tool when cleaning up pet hair. A pair of yellow dish gloves from the supermarket are all you need to pick up pesky pet hair up off your furniture. After you put the gloves on, dampen them with a little bit of water and use short strokes with the side of your hand to pick up the hair.

Use the Pet Hair Magnet tool, which looks a little like a combination of a squeegee and a comb, to remove unwanted pet hair from your furniture, curtains, or even your car upholstery. Check the reviews on this site here to see how very popular this inexpensive little tool is.

Microfiber floor mops work great on hardwood or laminate floors to pick up pet hair because the static cling draws the hairs toward the mop head, helping you pick up more of what’s lingering on the floor. Sometimes vacuuming on hardwood floors can blow hair all over the place, making it harder to clean up.

Aside from these three helpful tips, keeping your pet regularly groomed will help control the hair situation as well!

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