Space Within a Space: Carving Out Your Bedroom in a Studio Apartment


Studio apartments come with a number of challenges, but are appealing if you’re planning on living alone without roommates. Aside from the usual amount of square footage, one of the primary difficulties is the division of space. A studio generally comes with very few walls or partitions and it is up to you as the renter to carve out niches in your space.

Thankfully people get creative when faced with difficult problems (and subsequently post them on the internet) so there are a number of options proven to work for dealing with the division of space issue.

  1. Curtains Hanging a curtain is an inexpensive way to divide up space in your apartment. There are so many options available for curtains which makes them appealing and the price tag makes them even more so. Cheaper than furniture and more versatile, it’s definitely one of the best options. Hang a curtain rod from the ceiling near your bed to create an entryway and partition to your bedroom space
  2. Furniture Using tall or large pieces of furniture to divvy up space is another great option. A large wardrobe, set of shelves, clothing rack, or other piece of furniture helps divide space visually in your apartment.
  3. Built-in structures If you’re planning on staying in your apartment a while and you have your landlord’s permission, you can build your own structure to divide up the space. It can be a shelving system, a wall, a rack…there are a number of ways to create a visual divider. The great thing about building your own structure is you can customize it to be a practical part of your apartment as well – you can make it to your own specifications, multitasking for your specific needs.
  4. Plants Using large leafy plants on the floor as well as hanging plants above will create a visual barrier of green that not only makes your space more sophisticated, but also improves your quality of life. Houseplants are proven to improve air quality indoors.
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