Avoiding College Weight Gain


Losing weight is not something I typically harp about – love your body and yourself and be healthy. But I understand when you attend school on a college campus and adjust to a more studious lifestyle it can have negative affects on your eating habits and amount of exercise. I was my heaviest when I was going through undergrad. It was just easier to eat fast food for every meal, sit around more than I was used to while doing schoolwork or hanging out with friends, and snacking was a regular practice. Now I’m more aware of my eating habits and I’ve learned to make healthier choices. These are the things I was missing when I was in school:

° Limit fast food/pizza intake to once a week if possible. It’s difficult while you’re on the go, but plan snacks and lunches out in advance to help prevent greasy carb-heavy meals. And ordering pizza late at night is a lot of fun, but too often and it can make you feel sluggish and bad.

° Consider not getting a meal plan on campus. I found that it was easier to regulate my food intake and plan healthier meals if I was limited to what I had from the grocery store.

° Walk more, bike more. College campuses are great for getting exercise! Take a nightly walk or bike ride. Not only will it help you burn calories, but it will also help you clear your head and eliminate some stress.

° Cut back on drinking. Empty calories and it takes a real toll on your health and appearance.

° Don’t skip breakfast. Rolling into your first class without eating happens sometimes, but if you eat soon after you wake up, even if it’s a small breakfast, it will kickstart your metabolism and you will burn calories faster the rest of the day.

° Combat your stress. Stress can make you want to eat more and subsequently put on the pounds. There are a million other reasons to fight stress, too, not just because of the weight gain. Give yourself time to relax every day and consider meditation, a relaxing bath, or just some me time.

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