Keeping Safe: Your Apartment Safety Checklist

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The prospect of a new apartment is thrilling – a fresh start and new spaces to decorate and make your own. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun parts and let some of the more serious aspects slide. But safety is an integral part of making your new apartment your home. Feeling secure and knowing you’re prepared will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your apartment. And even if your apartment isn’t new, but some of these things have been neglected, take some time to revisit them!

  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Your apartment is required by law to have working smoke detectors, so when you move in you should locate and test these to ensure they are working properly. Depending on the building you may also need a carbon monoxide detector as well. Any fuel-burning system or appliance means you’ll need one on each floor of the apartment.
  • Check the locks – Make sure all the exterior locks in your apartment are secure and in working order. If not, contact your landlord immediately.


  • Check the windows – Ensure there are functioning locks on your windows and the seals are tight.


  • Have a fire extinguisher – Keep a small fire extinguisher readily available in case of emergencies. Remember that grease and electrical fires cannot be extinguished with water and a fire extinguisher is the safest way to deal with a small fire. Prevention is key, though – don’t plug too many things into a power strip or an outlet, leave cigarettes unattended, or candles burning when nobody is around. Know what to do in case of a fire (read here) and have a plan ready in case of a fire emergency.


  • Keep a first aid kit handy – This may be obvious, but do you know where your first aid supplies are? Are they easily accessible? Keep these things in an easy to find spot, clearly labeled for utmost safety.


  • Put together a power outage / disaster kit – In case you lose power for several days or more, have supplies ready. You can find a list of things that are good to pack here.


  • Get renter’s insurance – This way, if you have belongings stolen or there is a fire, you will be covered!
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