Favorite Stores for Saving $$$

You and your apartment require lots of things – food, consumable products like toilet paper, some cleaning products, organizational accessories, and more. And all these lovely things we need (or think we need) can add up like nobody’s business. I happen to embody the horrible combination of loving high quality products, but not the price tag. So, I’ve done some shopping around and found a couple places you can really beat the system and get a better deal on the good brands you like.

Big Lots – This is my mom’s favorite, but we both love to go because you never know what they will have, yet it is almost always cheaper than your regular retail store. Cleaning products and household necessities are almost always lower priced. Big Lots also stocks some good food items as well, brands like Bob’s Red Mill if you like to buy alternative flours or grains like quinoa. The food prices are sometimes less competitive so make sure you do a little price comparison.

Marshall’s – This is my personal favorite. Marshall’s has a plethora of home goods, which nearly always rival your average store’s prices. My top pick for things to get from Marshall’s is toiletries and makeup- they stock amazing brands at a fraction of the price you pay at places like Ulta or Sephora. You’ll never pay $9 for a bottle of nail polish again.

Target – Not always the cheapest on everything and if you really want to save money you should compare prices. However, Target has the Cartwheel app which you can download on your phone. It allows you to add a certain number of additional coupon codes, which rotate and change every so often, to products you are interested in buying and then all the cashier has to do is scan a single barcode at checkout to apply all the additional discounts. These Cartwheel discounts can be used with other Target coupons and also with manufacturer coupons, so the savings can really stack up!

Amazon – Amazon is hit or miss when it comes to deals. If you pay for Prime and you can do the Amazon Pantry, you can save a lot of money on non-perishable grocery items every month. But as always, do your price comparisons because sometimes Amazon Prime prices are different than regular Amazon prices, or may be more than your local store. One of the great advantages to using Amazon Prime is that you can set up a subscription for items that you use on a monthly basis, which saves a lot of time and energy.

Which places do you go for the best deals? Are you a Costco or a Sam’s Club person or are you new to the spendthrift style?

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