Best Of: This Year’s Halloween Party Picks

Best of Halloween

Halloween is almost here! If you’re planning on throwing a great Halloween bash at your apartment this weekend, but you’re still looking for some inspiration, look no further. Here are the best fun, new ideas for your big soiree.

Start with: Decor

It’s easy to find yourself in an endless Pinterest loop looking at party ideas. There are so many different directions you can take your Halloween party theme in, but these are a couple favorites:


Glow in the Dark

Glow in Dark


This Martha Stewart slideshow shows you how to turn your apartment into the perfect glow in the dark wonderland


Unconventional Color

Conversation pumpkins donut pumpkins

If you’re not ready to let go of fun, bright summer colors, you’re in luck with Studio DIY’s pumpkin decorations. Change it up and keep the colors this Halloween with Donut Pumpkins and funny PUN-kins.

Black and White


For a more sophisticated Halloween style, try a black and white theme. This is a versatile theme to use- you can keep it classy and a little on the romantic side, make it juvenile and quirky, or make it extra spooky.


Try these Floral Moon Pumpkins or DIY Ghost Pinatas

floral moon ghost pinatas

Next, Drinks!


Pumpkin Jello Shots

jello shots

Yum! Pumpkin everything, but especially these. Get the recipe here.

zombie cocktail

An iconic tiki cocktail which fits the bill for Halloween with a name like, “Zombie”. Pair with a cool looking glass like Sugar and Cloth did in this photo and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser at your party.


Don’t forget The Costumes!


Easy DIY Costumes

diy costumes

Here’s a great collection of easy to make Halloween costumes! You don’t have to be a giant popsicle, but hey, if you want to…



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