Managing College Stress


College can be one of the most liberating, enjoyable experiences of your life. It is generally the first opportunity one is given to truly be the master of one’s own life’s path. Having this authority is empowering, however comes with a great deal of weight. There are many big decisions to be made and responsibilities to assume as a college student. Chances are, your parents are no longer checking to make sure you stick to your path and follow through on all of your assignments. When adjusting to the college lifestyle, or when experiencing the strains of the your academic workload, it is key to understand how you can manage stress. Otherwise it can have detrimental physical and emotional side effects.

The attitude you adopt in everyday life can make a big difference in your level of stress. For example, if you have a difficult assignment due soon, instead of thinking about how hard it will be or how you don’t think you can handle it, remember that you’ve made it through years of school and various difficulties before in your life and you have the strength to make another stride. Remember, those who we consider successful have all met difficulties (and have also failed at times, too!)

Keeping your academics organized will help eliminate stress later. Maintain an up-to-date calendar with your assignments and due dates, as well as other goals and when they should be met. A daily to-do list or set of goals is a good way to stay on track every day and keep up with what needs to be done. Clutter can also contribute to stress, so a clean, calm environment is always best.

Use de-stressing activities to cool down and recenter yourself. If you are feeling worn out, try a power nap. Power naps can help you feel more alert and ready to be productive. Exercise is a great way to relieve excess stress and clear your mind. Try yoga, a run, or your favorite type of exercise for at least 20 minutes every day.

For additional information on identifying stressors and alleviating their effects, use University of Florida’s set of great resources on school stress here.


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