10 tips for a successful move

Whether you are moving out of your dorm, moving from one apartment to another, moving into your first apartment/house, or even moving back home, the process of packing is never a fun one. Being someone who has gone through a lot of moves, I know the struggle of organizing, packing, and cleaning my apartment/home when it comes time to move out. Here are some tips to make your next move the most successful one yet.

  • Have all of your moving supplies ready before you start packing, as in making sure you have plenty of boxes, tape, and markers right by your side. You don’t want to run out of something as important as boxes in the middle of packing.
  • Make sure you have assembled your boxes properly… you wouldn’t want it falling apart in the middle of the move.
  • Always pack the heavier items at the bottom of a box.
  • If you have a bunch of small boxes filled already, put them all in one big box so you can carry more things at once.
  • Keep your most important items in a specific bag or box that only you will carry. You don’t want to lose them or have something damage it in any of the other boxes.
  • Once your boxes seem full, fill any free spaces with linen or sheets. That gives your sheets a place to stay and it keeps the rest of the items in the box from moving around as much.
  • Don’t use garbage bags as boxes… they will just rip and tear, making more of a mess than actually being useful.
  • If it is absolutely essential that you have to carry liquids, make sure to label the box “this side up” to keep the liquids from spilling.
  • If you’ll need tools to assemble furniture, make sure to keep them near you so they won’t be lost among the rest of the boxes.
  • Mark all of your boxes so you know what’s in each box.

Happy moving!

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