Homemade Goo Gone recipe

Goo, gunk, and sticky stuff, making a mess in our homes is a problem that everyone faces. From the sticky residue that you get from trying to remove the price sticker from products that you’ve just bought, to gum or grease being on your floors or counters, no one can escape these everyday nuisances. You could get dressed, get in your car, and drive out to the store to pick up a stain removal like Goo Gone, or you can make your very own stain removal right from home. All you need is:

-A small bottle

-1 teaspoon vegetable oil

-2 teaspoons baking soda

Mix the 2 ingredients in the bottle and put a bit of it on a paper towel and rub it over whatever sticky mess you may have. Watch the mess disappear in seconds!



Crane Ramen

There is a plethora of Asian restaurants in and around Gainesville, where you can find Hibachi, lo mien, and all the egg rolls you can eat. Being in a college town, you can be assured that one of the most well-known Asian foods that college kids strapped for cash love to indulge in is ramen… and a new restaurant in town specializes in just that! No, we are not talking about the 3-minute dorm made ramen and not just college kids will enjoy the savory dishes that Crane Roman has to offer. Located at 16 SW 1st Avenue, in Gainesville, Crane Ramen is the first of its kind here in the Gainesville area. From organic pork belly ramen, to roasted chicken, and vegetable and mushroom ramen, you’re positive to find the perfect bowl of soup to warm you right up. Open from 11 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm on Monday through Wednesday and 11 am – 3 pm and 5 pm to 1 am on Thursday through Saturday, stop by Crane Ramen for a flavor experience like no other.


What corn starch can do for your apartment/home

For most people, corn starch is one of those things that you buy to use one time and you have a box of it sitting in your cupboard for weeks, months, and even years on end. Well, that is about to end because there are quite a few ways that corn starch can really come in handy when it comes to cleaning your apartment/home.

  • Corn starch is incredibly absorbent making it ideal for soaking up those horrible grease stains on clothes. Pour some directly on the stain right when you get the stain to watch it get soaked up in seconds.
  • Clothing is one thing, but furniture is much harder to clean so if grease or oil falls on your beloved sofa, pour corn starch on the stain, let it soak for 15-20 minutes and vacuum the residue right up
  • You can also use corn starch to clean windows. Since it is so fine, it is non-abrasive and will leave no streaks. Just mix equal parts of corn starch and soap in water for a perfect at home cleaner.

I’m sure you’ll be picking up a few boxes of this miracle powder on your next trip to the store.


Adding style to those simple curtains

The best way to add a personal touch to your place is to do just that… add a personal touch. Your own art or design adds creativity and originality to a space that may be lacking any. Buy an inexpensive solid color set of curtains, any color or colors of fabric paint that you’d like, a sponge brush, and thick paper to make your own paper cut out. Cut out any design you’d like such as leaves, flowers, hearts, moons and stars, or suns and clouds and carefully paint them onto your curtains. Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, allow it 24 hours to dry and the next day press a hot iron with a medium-high setting to the back side of the painted design to help it set. These beautiful curtains will add a bit of original flair to your apartment/home while also being a fun craft project for a relaxed weekend! Enjoy!


DIY body scrub

Everyone loves the after effects of a luxurious trip to the spa, but not everyone can afford it. On top of that, all of those body scrubs and butters can get pretty expensive. Ditch the overrated store brands, and make a body scrub in your very own apartment/home that will leave your skin feeling smoother, fresher, and brighter. All you’ll need is:

-Epson salt

-Lemon juice

-Olive oil

Why Epson salt and not regular salt? Epsom salt is much coarser and does a better job at rubbing away dead skin cells, in addition to that, the magnesium sulfide in Epson salt reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles. So not only will this scrub leave your skin looking better, but it can actually really have you feeling better as well. You can also add a bit of regular salt for a bit of variety in the size of your crystals.

The lemon not only leaves a refreshing smell, but it is a natural brightener, so your skin will be looking fresh and perky after just one use.

The olive oil will soften and smooth your skin as the salt scrubs away the dead skin cells.

Your measurements will vary depending on how big of a container you use and if you want a more coarse scrub or a more oily scrub. Experiment with the proportions to get just the right combination for you!


A chocolaty gluten-free treat

Whether you suffer from a wheat allergy or you just want less gluten in your diet, the words “gluten free” have become pretty prevalent in today’s media. However, wheat-less does not have to mean tasteless. If you are a lover of chocolate you will love this insanely rich chocolate dessert that has all the perks of a decadent chocolate cake, without the flour! Most of the ingredients are already in your home like eggs, butter, and sugar with a just a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up chocolate chips and espresso powder. Make this sweet treat as a guilty pleasure all to yourself or invite friends over for a baking bonding session right out of your wildest chocolaty dreams! Check the full recipe!


DIY Ombre vases

From holding flowers to holding makeup brushes, you can use large or small vases all over your apartment/home and let me tell you, they don’t have to be plain at all. Go to your local art store and pick up as many ceramic vases as you’d like as well as whatever color dyes catch your eye. Go home and get a large glass container and fill it about halfway with water. Add just a few drops of dye to the water and dip your vase halfway in the mixture. Remove the vase, add a few more drops of dye into the water and then dip your vase into the mixture again but dip less of the vase into the mixture. Repeat the process over and over until you get a beautiful Ombre effect on your vase. Check out the link below to follow the visual cues on making these beautiful and simple decorations for your home.


Freshen your home with your own air fresheners

Store bought air fresheners may be fast and convenient, but all they really do is cover up the smells of your apartment/home with a chemical and suffocating scent that never really leaves your home smelling fresh. Why spend money buying those canned chemical aromas, when you can make your own!


In a small pot, put 2/3 cups of water and a mixture of any smell you love. From cinnamon sticks to peppermint to citrus or vanilla, put your favorite smelling items in the pot and let it simmer for a few hours, adding water as needed. Your home will never smell more delightful.

 DIY air freshener

All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with 6 ounces of water, 1 ounce of rubbing alcohol, and 20 to 40 drops of your favorite essential oil. Quick and easy, you’ll be proud of this homemade concoction that will leave your home smelling fresher than ever.


We all know the wonders of baking soda, but did you know that by just adding ½ cup of baking soda and 12 drops of essential oil can create a freshening deodorizer that really removes odors from your home while also filling the space with a pleasant aroma?

Have your apartment/home smelling wonderful, naturally, with these nifty ideas.


Homemade apple fritters

Crisp, sweet, and delicious… who doesn’t love an apple fritter? Now, you don’t have to wait to go to a restaurant to have this sweet treat because with the recipe in the link below, you can make scrumptious apple fritters from the comfort of your own home. With everyday ingredients like nutmeg, cinnamon, butter, flour, and of course, apples, you can have a plate of warm, yummy fritters ready for the next Sunday brunch. Go on and get to the kitchen!


Rid your bed of bed bugs

Moving into a new apartment/home is supposed to be an exciting experience, but in the process of getting into a new place you may come across some… unexpected and uninvited guests: bed bugs. Here are a few ways that bed bugs can get into your apartment/home and what to do to get rid of them if they do.


When moving into a new place, one of the first places that you may want to check is your bedroom. Check out the mattress for blood stains and the telltale sign of rust or dark colored spots along your bed frame and box springs. Bed bugs can also hide in sofas and couches so check in-between the cushions as well. Before moving any of your items into the apartment/home, do a deep cleaning and if you do see any possible signs of bed bugs, tell your landlord or call an exterminator to check it out.

Already moved in

Bed bugs are not just pests that can be in new places, bed bugs can find their way into your apartment/home even if you are already moved in and have been living in your apartment/home for a while. Be sure to regularly wash your bed sheets and don’t stop there. Be sure to clean your mattress every six months and vacuum the top of your mattress to get rid of regular debris as well.

Coming home from travels

This is one of the most common ways that bed bugs can make their way into our home. When coming home from a trip, be sure not to unpack in your bedroom. Wash all of your clothes immediately in the hottest setting to kill off any potential bed bugs and thoroughly vacuum all of your luggage.

Already have an infestation

-Remove all of your bedding, sheets, and linens and wash them in the hottest setting possible.

-Use a stiff brush to scrub your mattress of the bedbugs and their eggs and then vacuum the bed, the floor around the bed, and the bed frame, headboard, etc. Be sure to take the vacuum bag, secure it tightly in a plastic bag and leave it out in the sun for the day to kill the bugs it catches.

-Buy tightly woven and zippered bed covers to cover your mattress and box springs in to suffocate bed bugs. Be sure to leave the covers on for at least a year, bed bugs can live that long without feeding.

Now you can be sure to really not let those bed bugs bite!


Check with a local exterminator too for expert advice.