The best quiche you’ll ever make

Breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and it pretty much sets the tone for how the rest of your day will go. Therefore, it might as well be filling and delicious! Quiches are the fun of a dessert pie, with the flexibility of being a breakfast, lunch, or dinner item depending on what you put in it. This quiche recipe will be the best breakfast quiche you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating and is super easy to make right in your own kitchen. It only requires a few basic ingredients like eggs, cheese, bacon, and pie crust, but you can replace or add your own ingredients to give it your own flavor. Check out the link below to get the recipe to make this for your next breakfast or even better yet, for the next at home brunch with the girls!

How to work with limited closet space

Not every apartment/ home you move into will a have the best closet space. In cases like that, you will have to learn to work with the small closet that you have. It may take a bit of creativity, but do not fear, it can be done!


As you acquire more and more clothes or just as more time goes by, go through your closet every once and a while and get rid of clothes that you have not worn in a long time, are too small or too big for you, or are just plain out of style. You’d be surprised at how many articles of clothing are stashed up in your closet that you have not worn in ages. You can try to sell the clothes to a consignment store or even better, you can donate it for a good cause.

Try shelves

I for one, hate putting my clothes on shelves, but when you have limited space, those shelves in your closet can be a lifesaver. Clothes that don’t require ironing or clothes that you don’t wear often can be placed on the shelves to make more room on the hangers for clothes that wrinkle easily or that you wear often.

Try outside of your closet as well

Florida, for example, does not have very many cold weeks, so winter clothes like heavy coats and jackets and scarves, can be put in boxes and bins under the bed or in a dresser. Learn to make use of the space around you.

Living in a small space does not have to mean struggling to find a space for your things.

3 tips to make laundry time faster and more efficient

No one likes chores. From yard work to doing dishes, nothing will make chores more fun, but they can be made easier. Of all of the household chores, I personally think doing the laundry is one of the easier tasks because a big percentage of the time is the clothes just being in the washer and dryer. However, that does not mean that sorting and folding the clothes can’t be made easier.

  1. Pre-sort your clothes. Instead of just throwing all of your dirty clothes into one clothes hamper (or the floor), get two hampers and only put white clothes in one and put colored clothing in the other. This way, when it comes time to get to cleaning, you don’t have to sort through 2, 3, or even 4 weeks of dirty clothes.
  2. Pre-treat stains. Whether you use a stain treatment or you just apply some laundry detergent right to the stain, don’t wait until right before you do laundry to do so. Apply the treatment to the stain right away for best results. Also, if the stain does not come out after one wash, do not put in the dryer because that may help the stain set. Apply more treatment to the stain and don’t be afraid to put it through another wash.
  3. Put small items in a mesh bag before you put them in the washer. Small items like underwear and socks can go in the mesh bag so that panties don’t get tangled up into balls and your socks always stay close to their other halves.

Happy laundry going!

Add some brightness to your apartment/home with sunflowers

Winter is almost over, especially here in Florida, and these sunny rays are perfect for planting flowers. With the New Year, a perfect way to add a bit of brightness to your apartment/home is by decorating tins and planting your very own sunflowers. Gardening and growing plants are fun projects that you can enjoy with your family, roommates, or even alone and all you need is:

  • Quart cans
  • Enamel paints
  • Vaseline
  • Polyethylene bag
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Watering can
  • Pencil or pointed stick

Check out the link below and follow the instructions so that you can grow your own mini garden of sunny sunflowers.

Paramount Grill

For fresh food and a cozy dining experience, one local restaurant you will be sure to want to check out is Paramount Grill. Located in the heart of downtown Gainesville at 12 SW 1st Ave, Paramount Grill is known for their delicious menu, which is constantly changing due to them only using the freshest and most locally grown ingredients possible. Some menu items that you may come across include coconut and sesame breaded crab cakes, grilled duck Panini, and sesame Mahi Mahi.

The crisp, clean look of the restaurant as well as the warm and inviting yellow walls will tempt you to stay for hours while you enjoy their deliciously prepared meals with one of their many choices of wine. Check their website for their hours and be sure to satisfy your hunger over at Paramount Grill.

Ways to save your wallet and your health at the grocery store

Groceries are low and it’s time to head to the market to fill up on supplies. Though getting some things at the store already made may seem like a convenience, you can save money and even be healthier by avoiding certain things on the grocery store shelves.

  • Salad dressing

The whole point of eating salads is to eat healthy, but drowning your salad in store bought dressing is almost no better than just going to a fast food joint and getting yourself a burger. You can easily make your own dressing at home that are tasty and good for you.

  • Water bottles

Buying water bottles over and over each month are bad not just for your wallet, but for the environment too. Plus, who wants to carry all that weight from the cart to the car to your apartment/home! Save time and money, by investing in a reusable water bottle or a water purifier for your sink.

  • Name brands

There are some name brands that we all prefer and can really see a difference in, but certain things, like name brand spices are really just a rip off in disguise. Getting the off brand taste just as good while saving you a bit of cash.

  • Bottled teas

Teas seem like a healthy drink, and they are, if you make it yourself. However, many store brought bottled teas are filled with so much sugar that drinking them is worse than just drinking a soda. Buy tea packets and make tea yourself at home to have the pleasure of tea without all that added, unnecessary sugar.


New year, new apartment: How to redo your place for cheap

With the New Year comes a fresh beginning and as you make your New Year’s resolutions, make new goals for yourself, and even get makeovers, you may want to think about giving your place a mini renovation. Renovations don’t have to cost big bucks either; there are tons of cheap and even fun ways to add some character to your apartment/home.


Get rid of clutter

Start off the New Year by getting rid of the garbage from last year. Go through old papers, books, receipts, etc. and toss them out. Once all the junk is out (here comes the not so fun part) give your place a good cleaning. Trust me, the aftermath will be well worth the work.


Get tons of frames to decorate your apartment

Thrift and consignment stores often sell frames very cheap, so spend an afternoon picking out a lot of different styles, sizes, and colors you like to fill up your place. A really cool idea would be to fill half the frames with pictures from 2014 and leave the other frames empty until you can fill them up with pictures of the fun times you’ll have in 2015.



Pick out cool colors and go crazy on those walls. Get really creative and paint accent walls or even add shapes and designs if you are really artistic.

*Note though, some apartment complexes don’t allow you to paint the walls, however, most will as long as you repaint the wall to their original color when you are ready to move out. Be sure to check before you get out your Picasso brushes.


Get new accessories

From rugs to throw pillows and art, your living space should be a reflection of you so get rid of old accessories and get new ones to reflect how you want the New Year and new you to be. These accents don’t have to be huge and extravagant. Things as simple as new lampshades and curtains can add a whole new vibe to a room.


Have fun re-doing your space and happy 2015

Easy DIY Fall décor for the home

Keeping with the tradition of Fall, what better way to have some fun around your home this holiday season than by creating your own Fall themed crafts. You can make your own Fall leaves mason jars with just a few items:

–       Mason jars (however many you want)

–       A bag of fake leaves (preferably brown, yellow, orange, and red leaves)

–       Mod Podge glue

–       A sponge brush

All you have to do is place the leaves all around the outside of the mason jar, using the sponge brush and glue to secure the leaves in place. Once the jars are dry, you will have beautifully decorated jars to place around the house.  You can even place candles in the jars to have beautiful centerpieces.  Get really into the spirit and place Thanksgiving themed, scented candles in the jars like cinnamon or apple.  Your apartment/home will look and smell amazing with this cute craft.

Sweet cornbread recipe

With Thanksgiving right around the corner,  you are probably already looking for some tasty recipes to make for that special meal.  One staple food on every table during Thanksgiving is cornbread and what better way to make cornbread even tastier than by mixing it with cake mix!  All you have to do buy Betty Crocker cornbread mix and Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, make them both, then combine the 2 mixtures and pop it in the oven,  super easy, and so delicious!  Not only can you enjoy this sweet treat during Thanksgiving, you can have it for Christmas and even with your New Year’s Eve meal.  Cornbread with a pinch of sweetness, a perfect addition to the dinner table this holiday season!