Carve some style into your pumpkins

One of the most fun parts of the fall season is getting really creative and artsy when carving pumpkins.  Carving pumpkins can be a lot more than just a simple scary face.  Your pumpkin can be funny, cute, or just plain silly.  From body parts, to scenes from movies, to self-portraits here is a list of 40 creative pumpkin carving ideas that will get you really excited about starting this holiday season.  Check out the link below to decide what pumpkins you are going to make with your friends and family!

Baking up some holiday spirit

Halloween is right around the corner and the same way you can decorate your home with some holiday spirit, you can also decorate your mouth and tummy by baking up some Halloween themed sweet treats.  In the link below is a cookie recipe that will have you screaming for joy with how cute (and delicious) these cookies are!  You can bake delicious chocolate peanut butter spider cookies with a basic peanut butter cookie recipe, Lindt chocolate balls, chocolate icing and candy eyes.  Make them for friends, have them at a Halloween party, and even make a batch just for you. No matter what, these cookies will be fun to make and fun to eat!