The Benefits of Car Wax

It is no surprise that there is a ton of household items that double as cleaning supplies, deodorizers  and much more.  Another item that you may have overlooked is right in your garage: car wax.  Car wax offers a variety of fixing abilities that you will be thankful to find out about.

  •  If your appliances are starting to bear a few scratches, rub some car wax on them to make the scratches disappear before your eyes.
  • Get rid of pesky handprints on your stainless steel appliances by rubbing car wax on the appliances.
  • Shine the fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom with a bit of car wax and have them looking as good as new and as shiny as ever.
  • Fight mold and mildew by rubbing a bit of car wax on your shower door.  It will act like a protective layer and keep the mildew from forming.
  • Defog mirrors by rubbing some car wax on them so that you can actually see yourself once you step out of that hot shower.

Even if you don’t have a car, you can still reap the benefits that car wax has to offer.

Getting Those Pesky Weeds Out of Your Yard

Living in Gainesville, one thing you will be sure to find is nature.  Grass, trees, plants, bushes; we have it all and then some.  One part of nature that no one likes though, are weeds.  A quick, easy and natural way to get rid of those uninvited guests is to pour boiling water on them.  Fill up a kettle, bring it up to a nice, hot boil and pour that hot water directly on the weeds.  The scalding hot water will kill the weeds from the inside out without having any harmful effects on any nearby plants.  No need for harmful chemical killers now!

The pros of Aloe Vera Water

Many people know that aloe is great for treating burns, but lately aloe has been making an appearance in the stores as more than a soothing lotion… you can purchase aloe vera water and give it a try as a delicious drink. With components like vitamin A, C, and E, it is not a question that aloe vera water is good for you.  It seems to work for upset stomachs, digestive issues, fevers, and even as just a quick pick me up on a hot day.  The next time you are at your grocery store, check out the aloe vera water and see if it is something that might work for you.

Make your mattress brand new again

Things like rugs, stuffed animals, and clothes are easy to clean or even just replace, but something as big and expensive as a mattress is not as easy to replace but it  still needs a good cleaning every now and again. Have no fear though; here are a few ways to help you get your mattress feeling clean and new again.

  •  An easy clean up would be to just strip your mattress of all the sheets and go over it with a vacuum to get rid of all the crumbs, dust, or pet hair that is just lying on the surface.
  • To treat specific spots and stains you can try one of two treatments:
  1.  Treat stains with a combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda. Mix them into a spray and apply that right onto the necessary spots. Rub the area with a clean rag to watch the stains diminish.
  2.  Make a paste of lemon juice and salt and rub the mixture onto the stain, almost like an exfoliate for your bed!  Let it stand for 30-60 minutes and wipe off the salt with a clean towel.
  • We all know the wonders of baking soda, and it also works well here too. Sprinkle some all over the surface of the bed and its deodorizing powers will soak up any bad smells and leave your bed fresh and clean.

Don’t let the one item that you use every single day go without a good cleaning.

Natural ways to have your house smelling good

You don’t have to go to the store and buy Febreeze and Glade for your house to smell good.  There are other ways to have your home smelling fresh, naturally,  in no time.

-Get a spray bottle and put about 4 ounces of water in it as well as 10-15 drops of essential oil.  Lavender is a great choice because of its calming properties.  Not only will your place smell good, it will also help you relax.

-You can also use the essential oil by dipping a cotton swab in it and leaving the cotton swab in the smellier places of your home like the kitchen or bathroom for a constant hint of freshness.

-Put a small dab of vanilla extract on a lamp light bulb and while the lamp is on, it will heat up the vanilla and make your house smell delicious.

-Run lemon, lime, or orange peels through the garbage disposal to have your home smelling as sweet as summer all year round!

Moving out and what to get rid of

The process of moving is hard enough, but it’s even worse if you make it more difficult for yourself by bringing along tons of stuff that you really should have gotten rid of years ago.  Moving is the perfect time to get rid of old things because you have to go through everything you own and really evaluate what you need and what is garbage.  Some things that you can definitely throw away are:

 Clothes and shoes that you have not worn in a year.

If you went 365 days without wearing that pair of bright red and green shorts, then you probably won’t wear them again for the rest of your life. Evaluate each piece of clothing and each pair of shoes as you pack.

Old papers

Make sure that it’s not an important document that you may need, but old magazines, receipts from years ago, and old classwork are things that are completely ok to get rid of.

 Old medicines and makeup

Medicine comes with expiration dates, so check each bottle to see if your medicines have expired.  Makeup too, believe it or not,  goes bad after a while (often times after 12 months from when you first opened it) and if you keep using it for too long, it can cause skin problems.

 Old books

Don’t just throw old books in the garbage, but try to sell those old textbooks for a few bucks.  If not, you can even try donating them to your local library or put them in the recycle bin.  Doing good, while getting them off your hands.

Having all that old stuff thrown out will be sure to make your move a lot easier!

Remove your apartment of allergens

Allergies are not just something to be afraid of in the spring. With the new fall semester starting at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College; fall allergies are something to be wary of.  Here are some ways to cleanse your apartment/home of possible allergens.

-Wash stuffed animals in the washing machine but if you can’t, put the toy in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for 24 hours to kill dust mites that may be hiding in the stuffing.

-Wash your bed linens regularly to rid your bed of dust.

-Scrub your bathtub often to prevent mold and mildew; dust is not the only thing that can cause allergies!

-Buy washable rugs so you can wash/shampoo them, and vacuum them throughout the week

Keeping your apartment/home clean can be the difference between breathing free and an allergy attacking existence.


Blue Springs park

For a perfect day of fun in the sun, take a drive up to Gilchrist County where you can find Blue Springs Park, located at 7450 NE 60th Street High Springs, Florida. The springs are a cool 72 degrees all year round and the Blue Springs is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm. Swimming and camping are available at the springs as well as renting canoes, kayaks and tubes that you can enjoy in the main spring as well as some of the smaller ones like the Naked Springs, the Johnson Springs, and the Kiefer Springs. Other amenities include volleyball courts, picnic tables, grills, and fishing. Hiking trails go all around the park and offers you beautiful scenery. Visit this peaceful haven soon for some much-needed fun.

How being green can save you big bucks

Being green is not just good for the environment, but it is also good for your wallet. Little things that you can do in just seconds everyday can help save you a bit of cash on that water or electricity bill every month.

– Ever wonder why your clothes take so long to dry? Maybe that lint filter is full of junk. Cleaning out the lint filter every time you dry your clothes,  allows the dryer to work more efficiently and not use as much energy.

-Don’t use the toilet as a trash can. Don’t throw a tissue you used to blow your nose or wipe down the bathroom counter into the toilet and flush.  That is wasting 1.8 gallons of water. Only flush after you have used the toilet to do your business.

-Using a lid when cooking allows the food to warm up faster, and thus, helps you save on electricity.

-Just because your game console,  laptop,  or other electrical devices are not in use, if they are plugged in,  they are using electricity. So, if you are not using them just unplug them to save a bit on that electricity bill.