The Sequential Artist Workshop

In Gainesville, you can never get enough beauty and if you have an appreciation for the arts, The Sequential Artist Workshop offers a variety of classes from adult classes, to teen classes, to online classes. Unlike other art classes or craft stores, Saw has an application process and an expensive fee for a year long membership to pick out the people who show a real desire and commitment to learn more about comic book and sequential art. Classes and workshops are less expensive, but times and costs vary so be sure to check out their website to find out which class you would like to sign up for. The classes will be sure to help you develop and further your interest in comic art and teach you skills that you many not have been able to pick up otherwise. It is a unique and fun learning experience for people of all ages, so check out their website to learn more and see testimonials of participators of the classes and programs.


Cool as ice

If you are always looking for ways to spice up your parties and get-togethers, one idea that you may not have heard of yet, but you will soon want to try is beautifying your ice! By beautifying, I don’t mean breaking out the lipstick and eyeliner, I mean coloring. Something as simple as adding a little color to your ice can make for a cool conversation starter as well as adding a little extra flavor to your drinks depending on what you use to color your ice. The link below suggests using Cool Aid but you can use fruit drinks, Gator Aid, or whatever other drinks you prefer that would mix well with a clear liquid like Sprite or 7-Up. Just pop your colored juice in an ice tray and once frozen, add the cute cubes to your Sprite. These ice cubes will be sure to liven up any party!

Swimsuit season fitness

For all the ladies out there who are realizing that summer is just around the corner, you may want to know about some last minute workouts to quickly tone up some areas of your body. With summer time in Florida comes trips to pools, lakes, and beaches, and that means plenty of sunglasses, sun block, and bathing suits. If your legs are part of your problem area, you may want to check out the article in the link below. In 4 simple but effective exercises, you can add just that right bit of definition to your legs and thighs just in time for all of those beach side BBQ’s in the coming months. So, get out your sneakers and water bottles and get ready to tone up for the summer time!

Easter Celebration Creation!

With Easter coming up this weekend, you may be thinking of fun activities to do with your friends and family. From a brunch with your friends, to spending quality time with your family, how you spend the day is up to you, but what would Easter be without some good old fashioned tie-dye eggs! Tie-dye is a perfect activity to do with loved ones and a great way to let out your creative side! You can create bright, crazy colors and share them with those around you in a fun-filled afternoon. From intricate patterns and designs, to filling eggs with candies and small pastries, there is something for everyone from the novice egg decorator to the pro designer. The link below provides a dozen exciting and fun ideas for what you can do to spice up this year’s Easter eggs.


Gainesville Raceway

Some people have adrenaline rushes that only fast cars and racing can cure.  The Gainesville Raceway, home of the annual NHRA Gatornationals, located at 11211 N. County Road 225, Gainesville, Florida offers an outlet for those of you with a wild side. The Gainesville Raceway offers a drag strip, road course, and is home to the Summit ET Series, NHRA Drags Street Legal Style, and the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge. You have the chance to participate in races for only $25 dollars or you can watch for $10. Check out the website to find out when they will be having their different events and races to participate in and when to buy tickets for any special events.


The Jones B-side

If you have an appetite for natural, delicious food and like to support locally sourced foods, then a restaurant that has just that can be of service to you here in Gainesville. The Jones B-side located at 203 SW 2nd Ave, offers a variety of dishes from blueberry stuffed French toast and provolone, salami, and tomato omelets for breakfast or pan seared snapper and balsamic and honey glazed duck for dinner.  A great place to have brunch or dinner and a few drinks with a couple of friends. Visit the Jones B-side Monday to Friday from 11 am to 2 am or Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 2 am for a relaxed dining experience.

Gourmet popsicles

What’s better on a hot, Gainesville, Florida day than a refreshing popsicle? Not much. One store has caught on to that idea and you may want to go check them out right now. The Hyppo, located at 214 SE 2nd Ave, is a popsicle store that offers not just your classic popsicle flavors like strawberry and orange cream, but also wild and unique flavors like watermelon mint, pineapple cilantro, avocado cream, champagne mango, cucumber lemon mint, and even sweet potato crunch. They have new flavors coming in every day, so you will be sure to have a flavorful adventure every time you go. The Hyppo only uses fresh fruit, fresh herbs and spices, and low process cane sugar. No chemicals, no added color, no preservatives… just fresh, natural, deliciousness. Open from 11am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 am to 11:59 pm, Friday through Saturday, visit The Hyppo today for your refreshing treat.


Naturally fight allergy season

Allergy season is upon us here in Gainesville and this particular one has been driving some people up the wall. With pollen flying around everywhere, coating cars, buildings and your poor nostrils, you may be looking for any way possible to clear out your nose and cleanse your lungs. For some of you, it may not even just be allergy season that makes your nose go haywire, any change of season may start up your allergies, so here is a list of foods you may want to add to your diet that can help cleanse your lungs and make allergies more bearable. From garlic that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, to apples with its vitamins that help maintain healthy respiratory function, this article will help provide you with healthy, natural foods to help you fight your way to a healthier you.

Shopping in Gainesville

If you are a Shopaholic and you are always in the mood to explore new stores and find new styles, then ETC…Boutique should be next on your list of stores to check out.  Located at 2441 NW 43rd Street, you will find jeans, chic tops, perfect dresses for your night on the town, and the jewelry to match all at this store.  Whether your style is bright and bold or calm and simple, ETC…Boutique will not disappoint. Visit the store website to check out what new pieces they have coming in and visit their store to expand your closet today!

Sunday Brunch

If you are in a lazy kind of mood on a cool Sunday morning and want to sit down to a full breakfast, or you made plans for a  fun lunch out with a few of your friends,  a Gainesville favorite that you may want to check out is The Jones Eastside Eatery located at 401 NE 23rd Ave. Open from 8am to 3pm every day, you have to go in to try their biscuits and gravy,  breakfast burrito or sautéed potatoes.  For lunch they offer homemade falafel burgers on a toasted bun, drizzled with ginger dressing. Or maybe you can try their BLT with 5 full strips of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.  If not that, then maybe a Jones Panini with their slow-roasted pulled pork.  Even then, if none of their meat options impress you, The Jones Eastside Eatery is vegan friendly sandwiches and salads. No matter what you get, your stomach will be sure to thank you.