For the live music lovers of Gainesville

Aside from the amazing record stores that Gainesville is home to, sometimes you may be in the mood for some live music. One place that you can always count on having a show going on is High Dive on 210 SW 2nd Ave. From hard-core rock to rap and everything in between, High Dive has several shows every single month. The smaller venue allows for a more intimate, closer to the action experience that most concert halls just could not offer. At High Dive, you are just a few feet away from the performer and jumping up and down with the crowd is an experience like no other. Aside from live music, High Dive has Karaoke every Monday, as long as there is not a show going on, and even comedy acts from famous comedians if you are in the mood for a ton of laughs. So for live entertainment at amazingly low prices, check out High Dive’s website and look up their calendar to see what amazing talent will be performing in Gainesville next!

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